Summer-time Awakening Institute Stimulates Teens’ Worship Gifts

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Awakening Institute Cutline No. 1This year’s Awakening Institute is June 10-15.Holland-based Hope College adjunct associate professor in the music department Jim DeBoer is the founder and director of Awakening, a weeklong focus for students entering grades 10th through 12th in the fall who want to hone their worship gifts to use in the church.

This year's Awakening is June 10-15 and costs $500 per student. Scholarships are available. Tuition includes lodging at Hope College, food, a T-shirt, water bottle, backpack and busing students to different locations.

More information is available here

A greater need

"People are attending church less and less throughout the country and there's a greater need than ever before for worship leaders in this area (West Michigan) and across the nation," said DeBoer.

Awakening Institute Cutline No. 2Up to 80 students can enroll in this year’s Awakening."Awakening is the opportunity to grow up the next generation of worship leaders, to grow their heart deeper for God and for them to consider what it might be like to consider leadership in the church someday."

This will be Awakening's third year. Its inaugural year drew 20 students; 40 the next and this year DeBoer said a maximum of 80 are possible.

From around the country

Young people from across the nation have previously enrolled in Awakening.

"We've had students come as far away as Orlando, Charleston, North Carolina, St. Louis, Miss., the Chicago area, Minneapolis and Michigan," said DeBoer.

Expansive phrase

Awakening Institute Cutline No. 3“Awakening is the opportunity to grow up the next generation of worship leaders,” said its director, Jim DeBoer.The term "worship leader" as it applies to the Awakening Institute carries expansive potential.

It includes vocalists, lead, bass and acoustic guitars, percussion, keyboard, organ, painting, woodwinds, liturgical dance, songwriting, technology, preaching and worship planning.

"Awakening is the full blown idea of the scope of what worship is," said DeBoer. "It's not about performing, it's about participating and giving your heart to God and encouraging others to do the same."

Which is the reason for naming it Awakening.

"It's about renewing and awakening our hearts and our gifting to the glory of God," said DeBoer.


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