Do we need people anymore?

Created by WMCN Editor
Created on 11 August 2014


Modern technology tends to isolate us, but God's plan includes community and discipling or mentoring.  We need people.   The New Testament is about mentoring - not about texting and FaceBook.
Do 'Good' People Go To Heaven?
(Media / Do 'Good' People Go To Heaven?)
There are many people who feel that being a good person will get you into heaven. But, how do you...
Patriotism and the Bible
(Media / Patriotism and the Bible)
Americans are among the most patriotic people in the world. But, what does the Bible have to say...
Listening to the Donkeys in...
(Media / Listening to the Donkeys in Your Life)
There is an interesting passage in the book of Numbers about Balaam and his donkey. Balaam was so...

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