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How to Live the Extraordinary Life

Written by Kimberly Gleason on . Posted in Perspective

averageDid you know that your values, passions, skills, talents, experiences, and life purpose fit into an overall vision and mission for your life? That they somehow relate? That they can and should give you direction? They are instrumental in identifying the life God desires for you. Like puzzle pieces, they form a picture of who you are and who you are supposed to be. If you’re like me, you don’t want to be an ordinary person living an ordinary life for ordinary reasons. Ordinary, for you, means forgettable, superficial, and insignificant. No, you want to live a life that’s extraordinary. Significant. A life that powerfully impacts eternity. You want something to show for your life.

The first step in living the extraordinary life is to understand who you are. Spend time over the next few days journaling. What are deeply held values? Do you value ideas such as commitment, family, perseverance, integrity, community? What about your passions? What fires you up? Your life experiences, too, can inform your life’s direction. God can use them all for good. He has also given you many talents for His purposes. What are they? And have you considered that your life’s purpose is intended for His glory?

Once you’ve identified who you are and what God’s called you to do and be, it’s time to define your short and long-term goals. So let's get specific. Begin by answering the following questions:

  • What is your life purpose?
  • What goals should you create to help you live out your God-given purpose more fully?
  • Do these goals align with your values, passions, talents, and skills? Do these goals align with what God has been speaking into your heart?
  • Would accomplishing these goals bring you peace and joy, because they originate from God’s own heart?
  • What's the time frame for these goals?
  • How will you know when you've achieved these goals?  What will be the evidence in your life?

Next, it's critical to discern what are your time zappers and energy sappers. What might keep you from accomplishing your goals? Perhaps your challenge is fear, or lack of training for a specific skill, or lack of time. Or maybe you find that you spend a lot of your energy doing things that are not the best use of your time and resources. Whatever they might be, it is a must that you don't allow time zappers and energy sappers to keep you from moving forward. Remember, Satan is working just as hard to veer you off God’s path.

And finally, have a powerful support system in place. Countless things vie for your time and attention, and most people have too much on their plates already. So besides eliminating or lessening those energy sappers and time zappers, find wise Christians who can support you and speak truth into your life. They can help you to stay on track, keep focused, and hold you accountable.

So go for it. Don't merely exist like so many people do, who, upon their last breath, say, "This is it? What do I have to show for it?" You are significant. You are unique. Your life is of such great value that Christ died for you. Only you can do what He designed you to do. Now go live the extraordinary life.

Kimberly Gleason, of Kimberly Gleason Coaching, is a Grand Rapids-based personal and executive leadership coach, author, speaker, and trainer. She helps people and organizations to flourish, reach their potential, and achieve their personal, professional, and organizational goals. Check out her free e-books, blog, resources, presentations, and programs at www.kimberlygleasoncoaching.com.
Author Information
Kimberly Gleason
She is a professional, certified executive and leadership coach, business coach, career and life coach, trainer, speaker and presenter, facilitator, and published author of over 80 magazine and newspaper articles. Although Kimberly Gleason Coaching is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based coaching company, I work nationally as well.

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