Zach Williams: Story of A Rescue

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Williams Zach w wife at 2019 Grammys Zach Williams and his wife Crystal at this year’s Grammy Awards "I'm ready to play some new music and ready for people to hear the new songs," said singer-songwriter Zach Williams. "And to see how God is gonna speak through them and use them."

Those new songs are contained in his brand new album "Rescue Story." And the tale woven by the new collection starts with the title track.

"For me, that's maybe the most personal song I've written...It closely follows my own story,"

said Williams by phone from a concert stop in Lubbock, TX. The anthem cries, "You were the voice in the desert, calling me out of the dead of night...You are my rescue story."

The new song is already a rising fixture on Christian radio.

Another of the tunes is "Slave To Nothing," once again referring to his changed outlook. "People are gonna bring up things about your past," noted the artist. "But God is doing a new work in my life."

"Baptized" is another song loosely based in life. He was born and raised in the church and after a period of wandering, returned to the fold with life and faith renewed.

(Read Williams' full testimony in our previous profile)

Williams brings his new music to Holland on Oct. 18 for a concert at Central Wesleyan Church (ticket details below).


"Rescue Story" is a follow-up to his live CD-DVD release, "Survivor: Live From Harding Prison." It was recorded in a Nashville-area prison (see footage online),

"Seven years ago my wife and I first got involved in a prison ministry, and that's when God really spoke to me," he recalled. After moving from his native Arkansas to suburban Nashville several years ago, Williams steadily worked toward a concert/visit at an area correctional facility.

"We went in with a video and sound crew and didn't really even rehearse what we were going to do – and we saw walls drop between us and the audience."


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The DVD was nominated for a Gospel Music Association Dove Award.

Williams says his fusion of country, Southern rock and gospel is a style made up of many of his musical influences. "It's hard to describe," said the artist. "I've tried to carve out my own sound in taking things from what I love and incorporating them into my own. It's one that people can connect with while I stay true to God and myself. And no matter what the sound is, people will still enjoy the music."


Williams' notoriety has led to some celebrity connections. He recently met actors Chris Pratt and Kevin Bacon, both of whom are aware of his music. But a musical link led him to country superstar Dolly Parton who recorded a duet with him ("There Was Jesus") on his new album.

"She didn't know who I was from Adam," said Williams. "But she heard the song and later told me after listening to the first verse she took off her headphones and said she wanted to get in on it."

He said there were some things planned for this fall with Parton, but he could not yet announce specifics.


Williams has shown up regularly in Western Michigan. Early last year he did a concert at a church in Zeeland. And in the summer of 2018 he anchored a Sunday night at "Worship On The Waterfront" in Grand Haven. But even though he's often out on the road, he remains in touch with church.

"We moved here south of Nashville when it was just too much to drive back and forth from Arkansas," said Williams recalling his Jonesboro church where he assisted as a worship music leader.

"There are a couple of churches here where we go depending on what time I'm home and the time of the service.

"But actually, I still watch the church back (in Jonesboro) that I worked with...they have a live feed of worship and the same pastor is there."

Zach Williams, with special guest Josh Baldwin
7pm Fri. Oct. 18 at Central Wesleyan Church, 446 West 40th St. Holland
Tickets : $18 general admission, $15 group rate (premium level tickets sold out). Available via 800-965-9324. May be available at the door.
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