Transgenderism’s Cultural Juggernaut

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Rex-2017b-300x242Dr. Rex M. RogersIt's not about sex. It's about identity, who we are.

It's not about lust or licentiousness. It's about declaring human beings can create "their truth." It's about idolatry.

If male and female are simply arbitrary categories, then anything goes. Morality, modesty, masculine and feminine don't really exist. We're all just some hybrid social construct.

For a variety of reasons, men or women have dressed or "passed" as the other sex for centuries. It is only in our lifetime that the idea a man or woman can actuallybecome the other sex, and in so doing embrace their real sex, has been seemingly possible via hormone therapy and the surgical technology to remove or reconstruct sexual organs.

But even these "treatments" are secondary to the heart and mind proclaiming "Me, I decide who I am."

Recent History

While "the first documented male-to-female sex reassignment surgery took place in 1930, "the word transgender...which came into wider use in the 1990s after public health officials adopted it, is often used as an umbrella term for all rejections of the norm, from cross-dressers who are generally happy in their assigned gender to transsexuals."

Since the 1990s, in an astonishingly rapid fashion, the American populace has adopted a "normalized" view of LGBTQ, and more recently, considered transgenderism a civil rights matter.

Until 2013, gender dysphoria was categorized a disorder not a dysphoria by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. W.H.O. did not move gender incongruence from mental disorders to sexual health issues until 2019.

In 2014, Time issued a cover entitled "The Transgender Tipping Point: America's Next Civil Rights Frontier."

Two developments in 2015 acted like critical mass for transgender momentum: the Supreme Court of the United States case Obergefell v Hodges giving same-sex couples the right to marry and Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce "Call Me Caitlyn" Jenner's Vanity Fair cover.

Then in 2016, the Obama Department of Education redefined "sex" in Title IX to include "gender identity," making it a civil rights issue. The Departments of Education and Justice required all sex-segregated facilities to be based on gender identity not biological sex.

Transgenderism became a cultural juggernaut.


American taxpayers now must pay for gender reassignment surgery for active military personnel or veterans who opt for it.

Disney is adding its first queer character in children's programming, and is changing its long-standing greeting, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls," from its Magic Kingdom fireworks show, to "Good evening, dreamers of all ages!" topromote inclusivity.

The Cartoon Network is now normalizing gender pronouns: The first comic strip states, "'We can't tell someone's gender just by looking at them, and we shouldn't assume we know. There are many gender identities beyond 'girl' or 'boy': some people don't identify as any gender!'"

California inmates may now request prisons aligned with their gender choices, no matter their biological sex, and once there, are eligible for costly taxpayer supported gender reassignment surgery. California is also now banning state employee travel to several states considered discriminatory toward LGBTQ individuals.

New Zeeland weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, a male-to-woman transgender athlete, has qualified for the Olympics.

University athletics personnel are pressuring the NCAA to withdraw or not schedule collegiate athletic events in states that have passed bills requiring athletes to compete in sports befitting their biological sex. More than 25 states are considering or have passed bills labeled by the press as "anti-trans athlete" legislation.

The NFL issued a video saying, "Football is gay...Football is transgender." Of course, it's easy to virtue signal corporate activism-a la-profit-motive with a rainbow-colored NFL logo because transgender athletes aren't going head-to-head in competition like they are beginning to do in other sports.

Corporate activism on behalf of LGBTQ+ rights, and profits, is a burgeoning trend.

Serious concerns are being expressed by LGB athletes that allowing transgender athletes into women's competitions will destroy women's sports. Some fear Title IX will be eviscerated.

"Several prominent female athletes have spoken out against relaxing the traditional standards, arguing the ramifications will be drastic for women's sports."

Tennis great Martina Navratilova, herself a long-time lesbian person, said, "Sport is about biology and I just want to make sure that girls and women that compete have a fair chance and they're not getting pushed out by somebody that's much stronger and bigger because they are transgender."

Even Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, the world's most famous transgender athlete, does not believe transgender individuals should participate in competitions not aligned with their biological sex.

Connecticut is one of 17 states that allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions.

We're told the idea that men are stronger athletes than women or that sex is binary is due to misogyny and white supremacy.

It's gender madness. Some are trying to address the madness by calling for separate transgender competitions.

Religious Liberty

LGBTQ demands are on a collision course with religious liberty.

This is writ large in the proposed Equality Act: "the Heritage Foundation claims that, "The Equality Act guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and threatens constitutional freedoms by eliminating conscience protections from the Civil Rights Act." The bold and blatant afront this bill presents to the First Amendment is breath-taking, and the violations of religious conscience it would overrule is reminiscent of a dictatorship, not a free republic.

In American culture, as touted by LGBTQ+ activists and others in the "woke" universe, Christianity is increasingly seen as optional, hateful, bigoted, discriminatory, repressive, malevolent, irrelevant, or unnecessary.

LGBTQ+ cannot accomplish activists' ideological or worldview goals until religion, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, is marginalized or legally banished from cultural influence. Gender ideology and biblical Christianitycan only co-exist in a First Amendment society, something activists have not so far demonstrated they can accept.

Christian Considerations

Transgenderism is a condition, a choice or extension of gender dysphoria, something with which individuals struggle.

No Christian should attack or reject or otherwise disrespect people immersed in the confusion and depression of gender dysphoria. These individuals need the Gospel "that changes minds, wills, affections, and allegiances...A person's well-being is never disconnected from truth, because truth is not only true, it is better, it is beautiful, it is ethical, and it is lovely." They need us to be Ambassadors of reconciliation.

But transgenderism is also a false ideology, for some a worldview, that's become a social or cultural movement, something primarily driven by activists.

Christians who sleep-walk through this movement will do transgender people, the Church, and the country a grave disservice.

Transgenderism politics aggressively attacks the authority of Scripture, often indirectly by repositioning words like accepting, love, inclusive, or tolerance. They call disagreement, hate or bigotry, and they've been amazingly successful at pushing this Devil's delusion into mainstream American culture.

The rapid success transgenderism has achieved in just a handful of years puts "America...farther down this road than any other country in the Western world. In other words, at this moment of crisis for Western Civilization, or for what we used to call Christendom, the leading country of the free world is pulling the wrong way."

Some Christians are speaking truth to error, but so far, the transgenderism juggernaut has rolled across the landscape without much resistance.

It is ironic perhaps, but it may be sports and/or feminist leaders who speak science and reason into this manic transgender irrationality, sooner or even rather than the Church.

While religious liberty is at stake in this "all-out cultural war to eradicate all influence of biblical values in our culture," Christians tend to look upon transgenderism as just a matter of morality. It is that but much more.

We are in a cultural moment in which gender ideology is directly challenging the legitimacy of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the American system.

Gender ideology is not simply questioning the Bible or the Church or religion but the foundational American ideals that helped "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

The Democrat and Republican Parties are not standing in the gap. But "values matter because they translate into behavior. If (parties) become a big tent of moral relativism, who will fight for transmission of the values that sustain life and freedom?"

Not to resist, not to speak the truth in love, not to reason, not to stand in the gap defending life, dignity, freedom, and hope is to give in to irrationality, idolatry, division, destruction, and death.

Dr. Rex M. Rogers, President SAT-7 USA,,,

Author Information
Dr. Rex M. Rogers
Rex M. Rogers (born 1952[1]) serves as President of SAT-7 USA, the American promotion and fundraising arm of SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry by and for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7 SAT-7, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, supports quality, indigenous-produced programming on four channels in three languages, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

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