Women of Influence: Dawn Scott Damon

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Newman 376Job Title: Lead Pastor of Tribes Church; author, speaker, and life and leadership coach

Calling: Help people find healing and positive transformation to become the best versions of themselves, allowing them to live out their God-given identity, vision, and purpose.

Dawn Scott Damon is a busy woman. She's not only lead pastor of Tribes Church, a multicultural church in north Grand Rapids, she's also part of the Freedom Girls Sisterhood, a group of women dedicated to pursuing their freedom in God. Her book "The Freedom Challenge: 60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You" helps women find that freedom through study, journaling, and God's Word.

Add to that her newest venture, BraveHearted Women, a mentoring and coaching program that takes women beyond discovering their freedom to the bravery needed to take the next step.

"I've been coaching people into freedom, helping them get set free from lies that bind and tie us, but now what? I'm discovering that women haven't had the freedom and bravery to dream about their own lives," said Damon. "They've been wives, moms, and daughters but not realized that it can be their season now. Women are asking, What is my God-given gift inside of me? Do I dare live out my purpose?"

Her burden, said Damon, is "to coach these women into living out their brave vision. I'm here to build a bridge, to smash limiting beliefs and lies."

BraveHearted Women will launch at the end of April (more information will be available on her website (www.dawnscottdamon.com).

She's working now on the first online course for the program titled "Uncover Your Brave Vision." More courses will be available in the coming months. She sees her main audience as women ages 40 to 70, which she says "can be a forgotten population."


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Damon is also author of "When the Woman Abused Was You: A Complete Guide to Thriving After Sexual Trauma," "Telling: A Guide to Finding Healing by Telling Your Abuse Story," and the new "The Freedom Challenge for Men: 60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You" with her husband Paul Damon.

Dawn Damon had to learn her lessons about freedom and bravery before she could teach them to others. A survivor of childhood sexual trauma, she married at age 19 and had three children before age 25. She and her husband divorced in 2007; she remarried in 2011. She experienced physical and psychological disruption throughout her childhood and teen years.

"I lived in a world that felt very scary. I was a fearful and angry young woman, but I hid it well," she recalls. "So BraveHearted Women means something to me because I know what it feels like to be afraid and know the world was an unsafe place."

Through her preaching, coaching, teaching, and mentoring, Dawn Damon is living out her calling to help people find healing and transformation.

"The journey feels overwhelming and massive, but if people have someone to help them, to help them design a strategy, they can walk out their freedom with confidence," she said. "I say, 'Hey ladies, don't count yourself out. If you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose.' As it says in Psalm 1, a person's 'leaf does not wither.' There are seeds in us yet to flourish and bloom. Let these new things grow and emerge."

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