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Creative Couple Making Entertainment, Ministry Connections

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Local

Kevin and Kristen Collier portraitKevin and Kristen Collier Kevin and Kristen Collier are knee-deep in various media ventures all created to serve Christians in the arts. And to help spread the word.

The couple is overflowing with activity. They've produced various books and online programs, begun a talent network for faith-based artists, started a Roku TV channel, designed a clothing line and developed several animated and live action series. Each of these non-profit enterprises can be found under their busy Creative Motion website portal, www.creativemotiononline.com.

"It's like we have a whole basket full of stuff and spilled it on the floor," said Kevin from his Grand Haven area office. "We're like a kid with multiple hobbies."

And they're on the lookout to connect with more faith-based entertainment artists as part of a support and networking system.

The Colliers bring a pile of their own talent to the table: Kristen has experience as a writer/producer and host as well as marketing and animation skills.

Her partner Kevin is a former art director for the Grand Haven Tribune and his graphic-arts flair has illustrated books and is displayed on cover art and logos for various web and print publications.


Creative Motion networkThe CMN line-up has more than a thousand video offerings.Just three years ago they began Creative Motion Magazine, a quarterly print production with articles about Christian entertainment talents in this part of the state. They expanded the project to cover a wider area and the following year turned it into an online effort with links to Christian comedians, film-makers, comic/graphic novelists – anything media/entertainment related.

"Then we asked ourselves, why are we writing about these people when we can actually feature them directly?" Kevin recalled.

Last year they developed their own television channel – Creative Motion Network (CMN) - which is available for streaming via Roku. CMN is a platform for independent Christian entertainment, and it packs an impressive amount of video program options.

"Our whole goal was to give the indie Christian creatives - who don't have the big money to get noticed on the big networks - a free platform to help get more exposure," Kristen said.

They sometimes refer to it as an "indie Christian Netflix" and it's getting more than 1,200 plays per week.

Comedy, video Bible study and devotionals, lifestyle, drama, mini-series and music are all there – more than a thousand programs to choose from.


Kristen has produced and hosted several TV shows. Drawing from pop culture, she began "Keeping Up With the Christians," interviewing notable Christian actors and producers. "Bible Kids" is a live action, kid-filled show assembled from viewer submissions. Or how about "Life With Lucky" featuring a girl and her horse?


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In a meeting with former Dove Foundation director Dick Rolfe, Kristen learned that marketing was one of the greatest needs for Christian filmmakers. So she began an interview miniseries called "Marketing for Christians 101."

During the COVID period she has focused on animation. Kevin is a veteran illustrator and Kristen has brought some of his character sketches to life.

"Anyone will go see a Disney animated movie – even adults with no kids," she said. "Animation is the most powerful way to make disciples. Kids who won't watch a sermon from a pastor will watch a cartoon."

The latest production of the new Collier Animation Studio is "Benny the Barnacle" and his underwater friends, voiced by professional actors. (The lead character's voice comes from Grand Rapids actor Thom Stambaugh). Although Benny is charmingly unpredictable, he always manages to be helpful to others in need. The show has its own industry page.


The Collier's Michigan Christian Talent Network interacts with people from all over the state – those involved with video/film production, fine arts, comedians and music artists. Kevin says that connections there among the thousand-plus followers have led artists to jobs in the industry. And don't forget "Xian Wear" T-shirts and totes designed by Kevin with faith-based or promotional messages.

"I see those as a natural, walking witness – especially for shy people," Kristen added.

Creative Motion Network is a free station. There is no charge for hosting content, nor does it accept donations or advertising. Kristen continues to work in retail in her "spare" time.

Their faith-enlightened philosophy is to be "in the marketplace" with good content.

"Culture and society is shaped by the arts and always has been" Kevin said. "We have a slogan to make Christian entertainment the new mainstream – we want to provide a platform to take back some of that territory."
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Author: Terry DeBoer
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