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World Leaders Assemble in Paris to Save the World

With all of the terrorism going on today that threatens Western Civilization and world peace, you might think that our leaders would be deeply concerned about how to deal with this central issue. However, for many the real issue that threatens the world is Climate Change......seriously. Instead of bullets, nuclear bombs, jihad, beheadings, murder, the genocide of Christians under ISIS, the recent Paris massacre of civilians and another possible world war, the real issue for some is uncertainty about the climate. No one would have ever thought such a scenario even possible if it wasn't happening before our eyes.

You see, right now over 150 world leaders, including President Obama, are converging on Paris for a 12 day summit starting on Monday to work out the details of passing a global deal about Climate Change. In discussions that border on the wildest of delusions, these world leaders are trying to limit the Earth's temperature from rising 2.7 C (Centigrade) through the selected and controlled reduction of carbon emissions. If the nations are able to accomplish this godlike task, many feel we will be able to save the world for future generations.

Closer to home, President Obama has tentatively pledged billions of American dollars to support this effort, even though he has no authority to do so under the Constitution without the approval of Congress. President Obama seems to see this supposed Climate Change issue as one of the final legacy items that will define his entire Administration.

What is absolutely astonishing about the meeting in Paris is the belief among its proponents that they are operating from agreed, scientific facts that cannot be refuted. And yet, the truth of the matter is that the scientific community has never had a consensus or agreement about the science behind this issue at all. On the contrary, there are documented reports that the climate records over the last 60 years or so has been dramatically reversed to support the current agenda. Proponents of Climate Change have left the realm of real science a long time ago for a political and spiritual agenda. What we are seeing in Paris is more about a group of leaders offering their worldview for creating a New World in their image.

If you stop and think about what the leaders in Paris are trying to do, you realize the depth of the delusions underway. These are the godlike delusions the Bible warns about in II Thessalonians 2:11 that come just before the Lord's return. These misguided, world leaders have no more control over keeping the climate temperature rise limited to 2.7 C, than they do over how fast the Earth is spinning on its axis or the temperature of the Sun. These issues are simply not within human control and never have been. Only our Lord is in control of the Earth's climate and only the Lord can change it.

As we watch the Climate Change meetings taking place in Paris this coming week, it is critically important for everyone to know what is really happening from a Biblical perspective. The Climate Conference is a pretext for Global Government....plain and simple. Without a worldwide problem that affects us all, you don't need a worldwide government solution to control us all. Delusional attempts to control the climate are nothing more than a Trojan Horse that will allow for an infrastructure of world government to be built. As the governments of the world unite to rule, the Lord that created the climate and controls is forced out. Man now becomes God and the lie of our divinity from the Garden of Eden in Genesis blossoms to its final, deadly, geopolitical form.

The incredible irony of this coming week is that just as the Paris Climate Summit is underway to save the world, Christians are preparing to receive the Savior of the world. Sadly, many of our world leaders are still trying to dethrone the real King as Herod tried that first Christmas as recorded in Matthew 2. In the end, the battle for power and control today is just as real as it was in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

As the Christmas season draws near, how wonderful to have a real Savior. How thankful we can all be that this beautiful world was made and controlled by a Lord that loves each of us and not a group of clueless politicians trying to save us by reducing our carbon footprints. Merry Christmas!!!
Author Information
Jeffery Carlson
Jeff Carlson was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. Jeff came to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a college freshman through the witness of a campus evangelist. He graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois with a degree in engineering and worked in the corporate world for several years before his call to ministry. Following graduation from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California Jeff came to Oakhill Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he currently serves as pastor. Jeff has a tremendous passion to teach, preach and communicate God's Word in simple and clear ways that the average person can understand.

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