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One Cry: Randy and Marcia Hekman

RandyMarciaHekman2WMCN interviewed Randy and Marcia Hekman last summer. We were impressed with their personal integrity and their concern for personal renewal. We caught up with them again this past week...

 Randy and Marcia, the last we heard, you were running a Senate campaign. You did lose the Republican primary to Pete Hoekstra, who went on to lose in the general election. What have you been doing since then?

Well, we put 70,000 miles on car during that campaign and made thousands of friends, sharing our heart for renewal throughout Michigan. During the campaign, we started the Healing America PACT:

Pray daily for spiritual awakening

Ask God what He wants YOU to do

Courageously obey

Together with other followers of Christ

Wonderful things happened that were more important to us than winning any election. Eight individuals received Christ as their Savior in our presence and many more were stirred to seek spiritual renewal for themselves personally. We also saw a door opened to what we sense the next chapter of our lives is to be.

Tell us how you got involved with Life Action Ministries.

 After the national election in November, we knew that many Christians were close to despair. We ourselves thought of bringing healing to our country. But healing requires changing hearts. Politics is merely a reflection of culture – and we Christians must take responsibility for our culture!

 In our travels during the campaign, we visited friends at Life Action Ministries near Niles -- we spoke to their chapel and connected with many of their 200+ employees. Then, after the election was over, we decided to return to Life Action and see if we could somehow work together since their goal is the same as ours: spiritual awakening in America!

 Some wheels started turning as we conferred with Executive Director Byron Paulus and his wife Sue. Byron suggested that a new ministry, OneCry – which was started just this past year as a sort of rifle shot for spiritual awakening in our country, calling for a movement of the Holy Spirit – needed someone to run it.

 As Byron spoke these words, the Holy Spirit grabbed my heart -- I literally had the “wind knocked out of me.” We went home to pray together about it. The final decider came as a prayer group laid hands on me, asking for God’s guidance. That phrase “Let’s Roll!” came to my mind. Marcia and I decided He wanted us to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

 What motivates you to join a revival ministry?

 We both have a deep heart burden that our nation would return to God. We are encouraged by the three Great Awakenings that have significantly recalibrated America spiritually, culturally and politically over the years. More recently, we are encouraged by local revivals in our hemisphere like the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, revival of 40 years ago. Led by Pastor Bill McCloud and Henry Blackaby, a small church, after diligently praying for revival for five years saw an amazing breakout of God’s power that profoundly impacted not only their church, but their entire region. Their church of 175 souls began to be packed. In fact, they needed to use the biggest building in town and still people would wait for two hours to get in! A number of people who thought they had been saved realized they were just going through the motions and became genuinely born again.


The results of the revival impacted the community in other ways too. As Henry Blackaby put it: “We began to read in the local paper: ‘The local Sears store is seeing many things being returned that were stolen.’ The income tax people were saying there are confessions coming from all over the place of people turning themselves in for cheating on their income tax. The paper for weeks would have articles about what was happening in the city.” There truly is nothing like authentic revival.

 Each of us needs to forsake our love affair with the world and love God with our WHOLE hearts. As Marcia says, revival starts with one person. “I have seen Randy, as he’s seeking the Lord, tears falling from his eyes. He truly opens his heart and asks, ‘What do You have for me now, Lord?’ as he seeks His face.”

 What will your days look like with Life Action?

 Travel, communicating with churches, organizations, and individuals; also getting the word out by broadcast, print, or other media. Life Action has an on-going connection with Sherwood Films that produced Fireproof and Courageous. There is definite interest in producing a major motion picture about the parallels between the time in America just prior to the Second Great Awakening and today’s spiritual and cultural climate. A movie would help people see what a revival looks like! And this country desperately needs a Fourth Great Awakening, a major return to God—it is the only thing that can truly save our nation.

 We will spend more time listening to God. OneCry’s three prongs are: Turn, Pray, Unite. We will challenge people: “Are you just going thru the motions? Or are you really saved? And is Jesus just your ‘fire insurance,’ or is He your Lord, the boss of your life?” Then as we consistently pray for spiritual awakening (you can join the effort by signing a petition on the website), there are profound cultural and political ramifications of revival and awakening. We need to raise up an army and permeate this culture with the message of revival, which might include being convicted to do hard things, such as asking forgiveness from those we’ve offended, sharing the Gospel with our neighbors and fellow workers, mentoring those in need, running for public office, going on the mission field, whatever.

 We consider it a privilege to work in such a critical area. These are exciting days!

 What can we pray about for you?

 * Help us to find Ministry Partners. All Life Action employees are like missionaries and need to raise their own support. Just pray for like-minded men and women who can be yoked together with us in this exciting faith adventure.

* Awakening for our country. True Holy Spirit revival. Commit to pray regularly at Onecry.com/

* Guidance as to how to provide leadership for OneCry – may God truly lead us and receive all the glory!

 What last words do you have for our readers?

 Don’t despair – God is still on the throne of the universe, eager to bless again. Together we need to trust Him, listen to Him, and do what He says!


Read or hear the full account of the Canada revival .

Check out Life Action’s website .

Get a taste of OneCry.

Connect with Randy and Marcia by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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WMCN Editor
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