One Cry: Randy and Marcia Hekman

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RandyMarciaHekman2WMCN interviewed Randy and Marcia Hekman last summer. We were impressed with their personal integrity and their concern for personal renewal. We caught up with them again this past week...

 Randy and Marcia, the last we heard, you were running a Senate campaign. You did lose the Republican primary to Pete Hoekstra, who went on to lose in the general election. What have you been doing since then?

Well, we put 70,000 miles on car during that campaign and made thousands of friends, sharing our heart for renewal throughout Michigan. During the campaign, we started the Healing America PACT:

Pray daily for spiritual awakening

Ask God what He wants YOU to do

Courageously obey

Together with other followers of Christ

Wonderful things happened that were more important to us than winning any election. Eight individuals received Christ as their Savior in our presence and many more were stirred to seek spiritual renewal for themselves personally. We also saw a door opened to what we sense the next chapter of our lives is to be.

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