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Calvary Carpet Care is 'all about God's Kingdom'

by Paul R. Kopenkoskey

Calvary Carpet Care235Three years ago, Jeff Hoos and his wife, Sarah, moved from Illinois to Holland without completely knowing what God had in store for them. Jeff was certain, though, the Lord was leading him in far different direction from the one he knew as the owner of Classic Carpet Care, in Arlington Heights, Ill.

"We were discerning God's leading," said Hoos. "The Lord said to move out here to Holland. We didn't know exactly what we would do. We thought maybe we'd enroll in a Bible college."

Today, Jeff is a student at the Reformed Church in America affiliated Western Theological Seminary where he's enrolled in its Master of Divinity program.

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Guiding Light's 'Keep GR Warm' Accepting Winter Clothing Donations



By Paul R. Kopenkoskey

Keep GR Warm 235
So far, winter's cold snap has not invaded West Michigan like it has in previous years. However, the staff at Guiding Light Mission knows Jack Frost's raw chilliness is a momentary reprieve.

It's for that reason GLM recently launched its initiative called Keep GR Warm.

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New Year's Resolutions


by Dr. Rex M. Rogers

NewYearsResolutions2Ever notice how New Year's Resolutions are often about how we wish we were different? Lose weight. Lower golf handicap. Watch less TV. Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Quit less-than-useful habit du jour. Get out of debt. Off-load stuff accumulating in the basement, the attic, the garage.

The moral of the story is that a lot of us want to improve ourselves and our lives, or at least our general condition. But we have this problem called the human predicament. As Pogo famously said years ago, "We have met the enemy and he is us." It's not family nor friends. Not our environment. Not even the economy that keeps us from fulfilling our dreams. It's us.

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Terry's Picks: January 2016


by Terry DeBoer

EVENTS2West Michigan Christian News writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area's faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month. Here are his three highlights for January.

*William Close and the Earth Harp Collective

*The Oh Hellos – The alternative folk-rock group performs

*"Ultimate Date Night" – Jay and Laura Laffoon

Finance: Dave Says....


Dear Dave,

I work in IT, and I recently learned that I'll be losing my $88,000 a year job at the end of February. We're debt-free, except for our home, and we have a full emergency fund in place. The problem is we just cash-flowed one daughter's wedding, and we'll be paying for another daughter's college soon. I'll receive a severance package of around $30,000 to $40,000, but we're wondering if I should stop contributing to my 401(k) and stockpile cash until another job comes along.


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Etcetera: Prayer For the City


The West Michigan Prayer for revival and spiritual awakening is meeting the first and third Tuesday of every month, not every other week.

The next gathering for prayer is Tuesday, January 5 at 7 PM at the 3 Mile Project, 3050 Walkent Dr. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Don't Forget:


Visit Calvin's 2016 January series online schedule

Final Words:


"Adversity is not simply a tool. It is God's most effective tool for the advancement of our spiritual lives. The circumstances and events that we see as setbacks are often times the very things that launch us into periods of intense spiritual growth. Once we begin to understand this, and accept it as a spiritual fact of life, adversity becomes easier to bear."

Charles Stanley

"No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Micah 6:8 NLT


Our Purpose:

A. Build unity in the body by connecting West Michigan believers

B. Tell the stories of God's people and ministries working quietly in our community

C. Bring glory and honor to our God

If you know of a story that needs to be shared, Contact us!



The Gospel in Four Minutes

Catching Up:

In case you missed it last week:

Turning Pointe's 'The Promise' moving example of dance bringing beauty to a broken world

'Twas the night'

Degage's upcoming Christmas store is wrapped in dignity

Matthew West returns with Jam

Relevant Docs




Pine Rest: Clinical pastoral education program to strengthen collaboration between CRC and RCA

Hope College receives $500K grant to found summer faith institute

Keeping the community warm

Guiding Light Mission - Fox 17

Atheist to give invocation at city meeting

Iconic local pastor, Ed Dobson, dies after battle with ALS



Farther Away:

Murder, madness, terrorism - Why doesn't God fix it?

Air Force Academy allows Christian cadets to pray before football games despite complaints




I spy - Dan Seaborn

Tillie and Phoebe - Clare De Graaf

The only new thing in human history - Jeff Carlson





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Upcoming Events

January 5, 
West Michigan Prayer for Revival and Spiritual Awakening

January 8,  
Youth Production of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

January 12, 
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course

January 19,
NetWork 2 NewWork: "Start your year with a SWOT"

January 19, 
West Michigan Prayer for Revival and Spiritual Awakening

January 26, 
Postpartum Depression Prevention Group In Order To Reduce Risk

January 29, 30,
Ultimate Date Night" – Speakers (and married couple) Jay and Laura Laffoon

February 2,  
West Michigan Prayer for Revival and Spiritual Awakening

February 18,  
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

March 4,
Booth Brothers In Concert

March 15,   "Deeply Rooted, Equipped to Serve"



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