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PastorCare West Michigan Provides Listening Ear, Confidential Coaching to Wounded Ministers

By Paul R. Kopenkoskey

smith135It's rare to meet the leader of a ministry who wishes his services weren't needed. John W. Smith is one of them.

"I wish my ministry wasn't needed," said Smith, executive director of PastorCare West Michigan (PCWM). "But I know it is."

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Area Christmas Concerts Celebrate The Season



CollingsworthFamily135By Terry DeBoer

It seems like we're barely into the month of December and already some of the area's Christmas concerts are in the rearview mirror.

But there are still plenty of opportunities to join a musical celebration of the season at a number of different West Michigan events.

For an arena-sized experience, gospel music maven Bill Gaither and his Homecoming artists mark the Christmas spirit in a big way at 6 p.m. Sat. Dec. 13 at Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids. 

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The Carlson Report: The Longest Christmas Journey


jeff325During the Christmas season, many people go to great lengths and travel long distances just to be with those they love. Often the trip can be long, costly and uncomfortable.

Many years ago the Savior of the world made the longest and costliest journey ever, just so He could be with those He loves. This December 25, let's celebrate our Savior coming to this world so we can be with Him forever!

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Perspective: I Need a Savior


By Dan Seaborn


As I sit in my office on a cold, snowy day, I find myself staring vacantly into the computer screen. It is full of images, scrolling messages, blinking signs, and ads flashing continuously tempting me to click on an icon for the chance to win some fabulous prize. In addition, my cell phone is vibrating, indicating that I have a call or message waiting and my IPod is playing my favorite tunes. Every few minutes I receive text messages from my family and friends.

Finance: Dave Says....



davernew2Dear Dave,

I'm 20 years old, and I'm trying to get out of debt. However, I'm concerned about what might happen when I'm older and don't have a credit score. My girlfriend says I won't be able to get a job or rent an apartment without a good one. Is this true?



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Etcetera: Must Watch Video

This past week, two friends forwarded WMCN a video. We thought they were interesting and decided to share them with you. Let us know what you think.

Have you lost your love? Francis Chan

Why I am a Christian (David Wood)

Final Words:


"What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like."


"Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6 





The Gospel in Four Minutes

Catching Up:

In case you missed it last week:

Family Promise of Grand Rapids inspires homeless families with hope, new path in life

Master Arts Theatre remembers World War II

New music review: Deeper by Tommee Profitt

Finding a new perspective on God's world; Ruined for the ordinary


3 reasons Grand Rapids-area Muslims want to open Islamic school

Kahle takes on school club

Debate sparked over faith-based club in public schools

Calvary Church Festival of Lights 2014



Farther Away:

Tempe pastor remains unapologetic in his call for Christians to kill gay people

Megachurch Pastor David Platt to Christians: Give God a 'blank check' with no strings attached for missions

Christian Bale: One man's Moses is another man's terrorist

Pope Francis decries persecution of Iraqi Christians in video message

After Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions, white Christians say it's time to stand with blacks

Thousands gather for Myles Munroe's memorial service

Florida capital gives satanic temple space for holiday display depicting satan descending to Hell




Slow down - Dan Seaborn

Eternal security and assurance of salvation are two different things (part two)  - Clare De Graff

Does the Bible permit divorce for abuse? - Clare De Graff

He is our peace - Metaxas

Same-self marriage - Stonestreet


Upcoming Events:

December 8, The Family Connection

December 8, City Wide Prayer

December 9, Family Recovery Group

December 11, Collingsworth Family

December 12, Christmas with Selah

December 12-14, Annual Living Nativity

December 13, Gaither Homecoming Christmas Concert Christmas Concert

December 13 The Promise

December 14, Sacred Sounds Concert

December 14, C.S. Lewis

December 14, Metropolitan Choir of Praise Christmas Concert

December 14, The Martins

December 14, Lansing Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops

December 18, ANNIE, a Special Fundraiser Screening in support of Cradles of Grace
December 18, Point of Grace

December 19, The Promise

December 20, The Promise

December 23, Sandi Patty

December 23, Family Recovery Group

December 25, Christmas

December 31, New Years Eve Concert

January 12, The Family Connection

January 13, The Perspectives Missions Course

January 13,Family Recovery Group

January 22,Capitalism is About Love with Jeffrey Tucker

January 26,The Family Connection

January 27,Family Recovery Group

February 6 -18,Celebration of the Arts

March 6, Booth Brothers in Concert

April 10, Gold City in Concert

May 16, Foreshore Adventure Race


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