Human Trafficking in Our Neighborhoods (18 September 2012)

e Edition September 18

Local: The Horror of Human Trafficking in our Neighborhoods

By Kathy Bruins

trafficking2Living in Southwest Michigan gives one the feeling of being in a protective bubble against such worldly evils like human trafficking, but that is living a lie. There is evil amongst us that many can not imagine … and it’s happening to not only women and men, but to children. Both boys and girls are being sold for labor or sex as young as infants up into late teens. How does this happen right under our noses?

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Local: Video


Making a Difference: Honoring Your Wife

The Bible says a man is supposed to not only love his wife, but also to honor her. Dr. Rogers discusses what it means for a man to honor his wife.

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ClareA View From the Frontlines: The Danger of Biblical Ignorance

Clare De Graaf, author of "The 10 Second Rule", talks about obedience and shares the three tests he uses to determine how he teaches and leads.

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A View from the Frontlines: Learning to Say No

Learning to say no is key when balancing home and family, as writer Ann Byle discovered.

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jeff225The Two Minute Answer: Do Politics and Religion Mix?

Man has tried to separate politics and religion, but as Pastor Jeff Carlson explains, Christians must be salt and light in all aspects of life, and that includes politics.

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Local: Publisher Serves an Unlikely Niche


By Timothy Burns

Heartandlife2Christian publishing is dominated by the gentler gender. According to recent publishing statistics, 68 percent of all books are purchased by women; there are 1.5 million books in print at any one time; and 78 percent of all titles purchased are printed by a small press company, or a self publisher. The average book store browser only spends eight second looking at the front cover of a book, and eighteen seconds scanning the back cover copy. When the statistics are adjusted to focus on Christian book market, women purchase close to 80 percent of all books. When these figures are put together, a publisher’s decision to avoid non-fiction books slanted toward Christian men is understandable. A publisher who spends a majority of its financial resources on non-profitable books won’t be in the business for long.

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Review: "Hold On"


By Terry DeBoer

HoldOn2More than two years in the making, the West Michigan-based rock band AG Silver has finally completed its latest effort, “Hold On."
The fan-funded, indie project features a mixture of rock riffs and ballads. Many of the songs deal with relationships.
The collection is led by “When the Sun Goes Down,” a big song with a hooky chorus in a solid, pop-rock setting. (The band filmed a video for the song in September).

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Lifestyles: Poking Out the Green Eyes of the Monster


By Kimberly Gleason

jealous2My friend is a gorgeous fifty-year old. As a magazine writer and blogger on relationships, she has women swooning over her every word. Her personality is bright and shiny, and so is her fast Porsche. If I were to trade my home for anyone’s, it would be hers. Decorated in shades of creams, with silver and wrought iron antiques around every corner, her home beckons to be touched, admired.

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Finance: Get Your Affairs in Order



Dear Dave,

One of my relatives just discovered she has cancer. She’s a single mom with two young kids, and I’m not sure if she’s prepared to face something like this. What are the best steps she can take financially at this point?


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Final Word:


"To worship God in truth is to recognize Him for being who He is, and to recognize ourselves for what we are."

Brother Lawrence

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Guiding Light Mission’s annual banquet: Featuring Robert Lupton, author of Toxic Charity


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