Meet Perry LaHaie

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PerryAn undercurrent of passion for the lost flows through the voice, music, and ministry of Perry LaHaie.

“Since I started following Jesus in earnest, He put in my heart a desire to share the good news – not just for people around me, but to other nations,” said Perry, 52, from his Allendale, Mich. area home.

And in his roles as a local Christian radio co-host (on 89.3 Moody Radio West Michigan), singer-songwriter and recording artist, and his work with the Frontiers mission agency, LaHaie continues to live out that passion.

His connection with Frontiers, a mission group with an outreach directed to Muslims, has been of particular interest to LaHaie.

New Music Review: Tammy Trent "Sunny Days"

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Music, Movies & Events

TrentTammyWith this new collection of bouncy pop tunes and soulful ballads, singer-songwriter Tammy Trent takes a significant step in her Christian music artistry.

“Sunny Days” has elements of encouragement, worship and testimony, buoyed by the project’s title song proclamation that after a season of pain, there is thankfulness that “the storm is at an end.”

There’s even a hip-hop segment in the song’s bridge – some new territory for the singer.

Meet Mark Schultz

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Music, Movies & Events

SchultzMThe realization was staring Mark Schultz right in the face.

It came late one night last year when the inspirational singer was feeding his infant son Ryan and dropped the bottle, making a crashing sound on the floor.

“(Ryan’s) eyes shot open really big and looked at me and all of a sudden he started laughing from the bottom of his toes to the top of his head.”

Schultz suddenly found himself choked up and with tears flowing down his face.

“My whole life I’ve wanted to meet a blood relative,” said the singer, who was adopted as an infant and never met his biological parents.

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