How Long Will I Live?

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As I age the answer to the above question becomes more interesting to me. I find there are a number of formulas available that purport to be able to help me predict just when I might depart this life. Before I go deeper into this, let me say, as a Christian, I realize that the matter of when I die is entirely in the hands of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where I am happy for it to be; however, speculating about how long I might have left is kind of fun to do.

Should I Remarry?

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seniorcarBecause seniors are living longer many are encountering a decision earlier generations did not face. The issue develops when the spouse of a senior dies and the surviving partner still has 10 to 20 years to live. In such a case should they consider remarrying?

This issue came to national attention recently when the Rev. Pat Robertson answered a question on his 700 Club program. He was asked what a senior should do if their spouse had dementia to the point where they were institutionalized and no longer knew them. Pat replied he felt the healthy senior had the right to divorce his spouse and remarry because the marriage had been broken by the illness and the surviving senior needed the compassion and intimacy of a loving spouse. Pat's answer got a great deal of response particularly from Christians who felt the marriage vow, which contains the words, "until death do us part," did not permit a divorce in this situation.

Mom’s Big Four

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homeworkWhen I was growing up, at times it seemed like my mom was a broken record. She was always repeating herself.

“Danny, clean your room,” she’d say, or “How’s your homework coming, Danny?” Then there was my least favorite “Are you lying to me?” and the always-classic “Run up the street and help Mrs. Simms.” Mom’s Big Four phrases involved cleaning, homework, lying, helping—a.k.a. The Top Four Things Kids Can’t Stand Talking About.

The cleaning thing wasn’t too bad, really. I’ve always been a fairly neat person, and our house was so small that there was barely enough room to have things out of place. Plus, you could see into my bedroom from the living room—if my stuff was a disaster, everybody had to look at it. So every night after dinner came a gentle reminder: “Danny, clean your room.”

Bullying: Tragedy or Opportunity?

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bullyBullying is long-standing violence, physical or psychological, conducted by an individual or a group, and directed against an individual who is not able to defend himself in the actual setting.

Too often, the result of bullying is paralysis. Fighting, tattling, paybacks, truancy, hiding, don’t allow the victim to fix the situation cleanly. Further, rarely does a school-age child have the experience to organize an effective solution. This can quickly become an agonizing situation seemingly without remedy.

Encore Tidbits for Seniors: Reverse Mortgages Revisited

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mortTwo years ago I wrote about reverse mortgages (RM) so an update is appropriate as some things have changed. As I mentioned earlier, the RM is a federally initiated program to help seniors over 62 use some of the home equity they have built up over the years to pay for current expenses. In effect, the senior gets a loan from a bank or mortgage lender pledging their home as security for the loan. The senior can take a lump sum payment, establish a line of credit, or take monthly payments based on a percentage of the equity in the home.

Beginning April 1, by the way, the lump sum payment will no longer be an option. The RM provides that seniors can stay in their home until death at which time the home is sold and the loan is repaid from the proceeds. The senior while alive always has the option of selling the home and paying off the loan. You can check on the amount of your equity the RM loan could be for by going to where they have a calculator.

Encore Tidbits for Seniors: Discrimination Against Seniors?

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helpwanted Is there discrimination against seniors in our society?

Of course there is. We've actually passed national legislation prohibiting age discrimination in the workplace because it was a problem, however, there is much other discrimination as well. We live in a society that worships youth. We tend to favor those who are the strongest, the fastest, and the most modern, characteristics that tend to favor the young, and we often tend to overlook the wisest, the most ethical, and the most charitable, critical characteristics that tend to favor the elderly. Many societies in our world actually revere the elderly because they are often the repository of the wisdom, history, values, and tradition of their society. A good case can be made for the fact that many of our current societal problems in the U.S.A. could have been avoided if the wisdom and traditions of our forefathers had been adhered too.

Senior Ministry in the 21st Century

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 seniorLast month I made the case that our churches have routinely neglected their ministry to seniors and need to do a far better job in the future. I indicated I would suggest some approaches to doing that this month – so here goes.

Modern science has discovered a great deal about how to live long productive lives and it exactly confirms what the Bible has taught us all along. Psalm 92:14 says, "The righteous shall bear fruit in old age and they will stay fresh and green." Modern science says stay active mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually and you will live a longer and happier life. So the Bible and modern science are in significant agreement.

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