Tips for Living to 100

Written by L. James Harvey on . Posted in Family

100 Year BirthdayI recently came across an article that listed tips for living to 100. I decided to edit the tips and add some of my own. So here is the list with some comments:

1. Don't Retire – The word retirement does not occur in the Bible and retirement is not a Christian concept. Staying actively involved in life and faith is perhaps the most important thing we can do to live a long happy life. It is critical to good health.

Looking backward, living forward

Written by Dan Seaborn on . Posted in Family

nyeA new year has dawned. The ball dropped in Time’s Square, confetti fell in the streets, kids stayed up late, and just after midnight’s big countdown, the sounds of Auld Lang Syne can be heard somewhere in the world.

“Old long ago” is the song title’s literal meaning—a Scottish tribute to times gone by. It’s a fitting tune for this time of year; as we replace a finished calendar with a fresh one, we can hardly help but look back on the twelve months that have just passed.

Say, neighbor, let’s talk about - Honor

Written by Bill Campbell on . Posted in Family

At the Foot of the Cross“May day. May day.”  Listen! Do you hear that?  “May day! May day!!” Our Ship of States has lost its moorings and is adrift. We must take notice and respond now, not with dismay or despair, but in hope and obedience. This is the day our Lord has made for us, His people. In the days of this May, we can rejoice and be glad in them.

 The first day comes fast upon us--the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 5th. For 60 years God’s Word has called out through this national pause for His people to seek His face in prayer.  II Chronicles 7:14 calls for His people to remember Whose they are, to humbly declare that they are called by His Name, and to pray. Seek God’s face with a pure desire to serve Him alone; pray in confession, ask forgiveness, then turn away from sin. God assures us that He will hear our prayers, forgive us, and heal our land.


Written by Dan Seaborn on . Posted in Family


planecrashHouston, we have a problem! Almost everyone remembers that phrase which originated from the crew of the US’s Apollo l3 moon flight. It was used by an astronaut to report a major technical problem back to their Houston base. Now it’s used to report any kind of problem!

I’m using it today to tell you about a recent problem I experienced which doesn’t include a rocket, but involves my daughters, my ego and my drive for perfection.

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