Master Arts Theatre Gains Award Nominations

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jobThe lead character in his mosaic costume in the stage play "The Book of Job" Karen Larabel is charged with safe-keeping the most elaborate costumes in the Master Arts Theatre inventory.

"I'm hanging on to them," said Larabel of the highly-detailed mosaic garments used last fall in the faith-based theater group's production of "The Book of Job."

"They are fragile, and (Master Arts) is having me protect them."

Parent Night

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schoolsopenSuitcases and bathing suits have been packed away. The sun is beginning to set a little earlier. Buses are rolling down the street, the voices of children can be heard everywhere, and parents are transporting children here and there. Fall is in the air as school bells begin to ring.

At the beginning of every school year, there’s usually an open house for parents. It’s a chance to meet your children’s teachers and learn about their expectations for the year.  There are many parents who breeze right through those sessions without blinking an eye toward the curriculum. There are some, though, who feel very overwhelmed at the prospect of what lies ahead.

Teens Want Parents Who Ask

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teenThe young man’s baggy clothes drooped on his slouching sixteen-year-old frame, and his long hair seemed just a day or two away from becoming matted completely. The appearance was typical for him, but as he stood in my office doorway that day something else seemed uncharacteristically haggard.

 My job at that time was working with youth, and this kid (we’ll call him “Mike”) was one of the students I had regular interaction with. You could even say I was mentoring him a bit. Mike wasn’t the kind of guy who stopped by my office often, so when he showed up at the door I began to wonder if something was going on. Never one to beat around the bush with that sort of thing, I launched the two of us into a little dialogue.


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heartsA few years ago, we launched a campaign at Winning At Home called STAY Married For Life. Since that time our mission has not wavered. Our focus continues to be encouraging people to publicly commit to stay married for life. Since 2007, over 50,000 people have taken a stand for marriage.

This is not a gimmick and there is no cost to sign up. Our goal is to simply bring marriage back to a place of prominence. Instead of hearing all the time about how many people are getting divorced, let’s celebrate how many people get married and stayed married. It’s okay to try and figure out what went wrong in someone’s marriage, but why don’t we invest the same amount of time and energy in learning how people stay married.

Depression Need Not Be Depressing

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depressionDepression is something all of us have to deal with one way or the other. Seniors particularly are susceptible to it as we age. Depression comes in various shapes and sizes, from a very temporary feeling of unhappiness to a long term state of debilitating misery that may require medical intervention.

How can we know the difference? Basically the difference between a minor mood problem and deep depression requiring medical help involves the length and depth of the depression. If it lasts for weeks, is affecting normal life, is impacting others, and may be inducing thoughts of suicide, it is time to seek professional help. Very serious cases may involve brain chemistry and require psychiatric intervention and/or hospitalization. Short of this, however, we may all face periods where we feel blue, unhappy, and distressed without needing outside intervention to change our mental attitude.

UV Protection

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sunglassesI was in an art store recently and a woman was there getting a picture back that she had taken in to be framed. The picture was a wedding photo of her and her husband from 20 plus years ago. When the clerk handed the woman her picture back in the nice, newly-matted frame, there was this deep gasp that grabbed my attention. I looked over and realized what caused the sharp intake of breath. She had put the old picture into a newer, larger frame than the one before. Where the sun had been shining through the glass with the previous frame, it had discolored quite significantly so that you could see a real clear line where the fading and unfading met. And she was just taken aback by the effects 20 years of fading had on her picture.

25 Great Questions to Ask Your Loved One

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questionsThe food was sumptuous, the atmosphere eclectic, the music vibrant. The conversation? A bit dull. After dealing with kids and work all day, who wants to talk about kids and work? On a date night? There’s nothing that says romance like “Johnny threw up this morning.”

So I’ve come up with a list of twenty-five, thought-provoking questions to engage your loved one in intelligent conversation. Warning: Don’t ask these questions unless you honesty want the answers!

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