Prayer for Grand Rapids

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instepThroughout American history, many revivals have been started by groups of people praying together as they walked through the streets of their city. As they walked, they would ask God to intervene and work in the lives of the people living in the homes, or working in the businessesthey passed.

Recently on a beautiful spring evening, a group of twelve men and women from a local Northeast Side church met in Ah-Nab-Awen Park in Grand Rapids to take a walk together. They took a walk to pray for the City of Grand Rapids.

The Grand Rapids walk took the prayers past local businesses, historical points, a college campus, churches, parks, and an abortion clinic. The group often stopped to pray and thank God for his faithfulness and grace. They prayed for the businesses they passed and the people that worked in them. They also had the opportunity to pray with, and for, some of the people they met while at Rosa Parks Circle.

The small group of prayer walkers felt thankful to practice their faith on the city streets. After the event they felt emboldened in the process and have plans to do this on a regular monthly basis.

What would happen if every one of the 700 local churches in Grand Rapids would do the same? What would happen to West Michigan if every church took to the streets and prayed for their neighbors and the businesses and schools near them? What would happen if we, as Christians, opened the doors of our churches to hit the streets and pray?

Do you or your church have an interesting prayer event you could share with the rest of us? Email or message us with what you are doing.

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