The Whole Sex Talk is New Ally for Tongue-tied Parents, Churches

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twst3Tongue-tied parents and church leaders who are ill-at-ease discussing sex and abstinence with children and teens have a new, biblical-based ally designed to help them to communicate God’s best for physical intimacy, love and relationships while reducing the number of abortions performed.

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Rapids, 415 Cherry St. SE, recently launched The Whole Sex Talk: Dangerous. Beautiful. Gift., a six-session program (recommended length of time for each of the six sessions is one hour) that shepherds parents and churches in how to have ongoing conversations with kids about sex and its consequences before marriage and why it's God's best to wait until matrimony.

The program is available on DVD ($119), with study guides, or online ($59). Topics covered include parents confronting their own past with God’s grace and forgiveness so it doesn’t hamstring them from talking with their children; consequences of sexually transmitted infections and diseases; spiritual and emotional consequences of premarital sex outside of God’s design as well as positive emotional and spiritual consequences when a person follows God’s design for sex; setting boundaries for dating and relationships, which includes what parents think about dating, as well as same-sex attraction; and the value of life.

Who TWST is intended for

TWST is intended for Christian families, churches, one-on-one, small groups and faith-based schools.

It’s known that on average 65 percent of young women choosing abortion are from Protestant or Catholic homes, according to a 2008 report by sexual and reproductive health and rights organization,The Guttmacher Institute, formerly associated with Planned Parenthood Federation of America that became an independent nonprofit in 1977.

TWST is not the first pro-abstinence curriculum the Pregnancy Resource Center has issued but it has been updated to include short films, mini documentaries, graphics and animation intended to hold its audience attention to help children make wise life choices.

It’s a spiritual battle

And while it’s up to adults to decide at what age it’s best to discuss sex and abstinence, TWST urges them to understand the battle for children’s hearts rests within a culture that wants to wrangle them to believe it’s up to them to mistakenly decide if and when they want to engage in premarital sex and elect to have an abortion.

In other words, this is also a spiritual battle.

“We’re starting to look at the issue with The Whole Sex Talk the way the abortion industry looks at it,” said Pregnancy Resource Center CEO Jim Sprague. “How many five and 10 year old girls in their (abortion providers) geographical business market by the time they’re 25 years old will have abortions that will sustain their business model?”

twst4left to right: The PRC’s Natasha Mueller, John Smith and Jim Sprague.The open secret is many who associate themselves with the Christian faith are supporting the abortion industry, said Sprague.

"One survey by Guttmacher (2008) revealed that as many as 65 percent of abortions in the United States are performed on women from either Catholic or Protestant backgrounds," said Sprague. "Another study by CareNet (2015) found that nearly 40 percent of women receiving abortions were attending their church one or more Sunday per month at the time of their procedure. Annually, there are approximately one million abortions each year in the United States; 40 percent of those, or 400,000 procedures, multiplied by an average cost of $500 per abortion means that Christians fund this horrible industry to the tune of about $200,000 annually.

"This is why we created TWST; to reach the next generation of Christian kids."

Equipping churches is critical

“We would love to see the young people not get into the situations we see them in when they walk through our doors,” said Natasha Mueller, education director for the Pregnancy Resource Center.

“We can be equipping the church as a whole and parents to have ongoing conversations with their children and hopefully never have to walk through our doors those who are abortion minded or are dealing with a (sexual-related) infection or those who are now young parents.”

John Smith, Pregnancy Resource Center’s education services marketing director, said it’s critical churches step up to the plate and take deliberate steps to have forthright, age-appropriate discussions The Whole Sex Talk makes possible.

Local churches are hope of the world

“The Pregnancy Resource Center fully believes the local church is the hope of the world,” said Smith. “Our mission is to not to replace the church but assist the church. If we can put tools in their hands that will help them accomplish their goals, we will have done a great service to the community.”

Smith said The Whole Sex Talk’s tagline — dangerous, beautiful, gift — was, from his perspective, downloaded from the Holy Spirit.

“Those three words capture a lot of things and then we talked about the order in which to put the three words in,” said Smith. “There’s something about ‘dangerous’ that is an attention getter. But this is ‘beautiful’ because it’s God’s design and it’s a ‘gift’ but when you do it outside of His design it becomes dangerous.”

Walking wounded

What’s equally precarious is when churches are not taking proactive steps to not only stem abortions but helping those who elected to go that route — what Sprague refers to as the walking wounded.

“I have three questions for church leadership and for those leading congregations and one of them is: What are you doing to prepare for the crisis pregnancy that is coming to your congregation?” said Sprague.

“Secondly, those statistics tell us those abortions are happening in church families. They are the walking wounded in our congregations. So my second question is: What are you doing for the walking wounded to promote healing within your congregation?

“The third question The Whole Sex Talk addresses is: What are you doing to equip families and the next generation to stay out of the first two categories so they’re not going to a PRC or an abortion clinic or try to hide an unintended pregnancy and so they’re not in the category of post abortion?”


The Whole Sex Talk trailer:

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