Former Planned Parenthood director affirms, ‘My goal is to make abortion unthinkable’

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PRC 2016 Gala Cutline No. 1Abby Johnson: “We don’t spend enough time on our knees in prayer for the conversion of the heart.”When it comes to revealing Planned Parenthood Federation of America's tactics to nudge women to abort their babies, Abby Johnson pulls no punches.

Johnson admits there was a time she was a staunch supporter of the nonprofit organization known for providing women and men reproductive health services, which in its view must include abortion.

She previously believed in protecting and expanding its reproductive health services, a euphemism tied to, but not limited to, abortion.

But no more.

Johnson no longer believes Planned Parenthood wants to make abortions "safe and legal;" she no longer regards abortion as an "empowering decision;" nor does she believe it's a "personal decision."

It's a snow job

In the end, such rhetoric is a snow job, said Johnson, keynote speaker Nov. 10 at the Pregnancy Resource Center's annual Gala, held at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids that drew around 800 people.

So convinced was Johnson of Planned Parenthood's mission that she started working for the organization first as a volunteer and later in a number of staff positions for eight years in Byron, Texas starting in 2001, which included health center director, where she ran its family planning and abortion programs.

The clinic had a monthly quota of abortions it wanted to reach.

It's never safe

"They tell people they support safe and legal abortions but it's never safe because a human being must die," said Johnson whose rapid-fire speech was at times punctuated with humor and then laced with sobering facts that had the audience spellbound.

PRC 2016 Gala Cutline No. 2Johnson is founder and CEO of And Then There Were None.Raised a Baptist and now a practicing Roman Catholic, Johnson said her family espoused they were pro-life but "being pro-life was something we said, but not how we lived," she said.

Void of a firm pro-life mooring left Johnson vulnerable to embracing Planned Parenthood's talking points when she initially met a volunteer at a fair while student at Texas A&M University.

It's a lie

"She started giving me all the talking points, including there was no where else women can go to (but Planned Parenthood)," said Johnson. "It's a lie but if you say it enough, people will believe it's true."

Johnson herself came to the realization the pro-choice rhetoric was deceptive when she assisted with an ultra-sound guided abortion at 13 weeks gestation in 2009.

At the time she believed unborn children could not feel pain while being aborted but this time, when she saw the fetus twisting to avoid the vacuum tube used to perform the abortion, she could no longer believe that canard was true.

Trying to find a safe place

"He (the baby) was trying to find a safe place but there was nowhere to go," said Johnson. "The worst part is when I had the opportunity to do something, I did nothing. I just stood there and watched. I went back to my office. I knew I had been lied to. I knew I had to leave. That was scary because that had been my life."

Despite misgivings about resigning her job, Johnson decided she could no longer be an active member of Planned Parenthood.

"I was sitting in my office and prayed for the first time in eight years," she said. "I felt God telling me to go to the groups of pro-life people."

Founder of And Then There Were None

These days Johnson is the founder and CEO of And Then There Were None, a nonprofit that helps abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry.

She also is the author of the 2011 book, "unPLANNED" which delves into her work at Planned Parenthood and her conversion to the pro-life cause. Her latest books is titled, "The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories" from former abortion workers who have received help through her ATTWN ministry.

The pro-life movement must not grow weary of well doing, said Johnson, because God can still change the hardest of hearts.

A Testament to Conversion

"I'm standing before you today as a testament to conversion because no one is immune to the power of Christ," said Johnson.

"It's about a conversion of the heart for women who are looking for solutions and conversion of fathers. We have to teach these men what they are intended to be through God's Word. It's about the conversion of politicians who don't' believe like we do.

"We don't spend enough time on our knees in prayer for the conversion of the heart.

"My goal is to make abortion unthinkable. It's going to happen because of sinners like me who focus on conversion."


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