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Beacon LIght CD235The West Michigan based gospel rap/hip-hop artist Beacon Light has released his fourth album, titled "Lit." Its boisterous song "Haters" is showcased in a remarkable new video.

The video version pictures the artist fleeing from an SWAT-style group of armed soldiers in an abandoned building. With some cool slow motion and other special effects, he stands up to the threat proclaiming, "I love the haters."

There are plenty of beats, drops, dance moves and other of the genre's stylish features.

The video's abrupt ending includes the advisory that the musical storyline is "to be continued."

Other songs on "Lit" include "O Lord, "The Drop," and "Quite Like Me" (the latter featuring his labelmate Steve Malcolm).

Here's the link for the new CD on iTunes.

Beacon Light (aka Brandon Clahassey) is a Grand Rapids native and a Biblical Studies graduate of Grace Bible College. He began songwriting and recording in 2007. Watch a video explaining his musical ministry.

Plan ahead: Beacon Light will be performing Jan. 4, 2017 at Frontline Community Church, 4411 Plainfield Ave. NE.

The Facts:
Artist: Beacon Light
Song/video: “Haters,” from the new album, “Lit”
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