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dan seabornDan SeabornI like to do something notoriously associated with the female gender. Let's just say it involves clothing, sometimes high heels, undergarments and even an occasional teddy. Oh for Pete's sake now before your mind wanders too far in the wrong direction let me just tell you right up front – I like to shop, especially for good deals!

I particularly like shopping for my wife, Jane, which means I frequent what would traditionally be known as women's stores searching for what might be called "delicates". Trust me when I say I get some pretty strange looks and concerned glances when I shop there. But once these ladies see that I'm serious about finding a deal or not settling for anything except a perfect match in colors and accessories, they accept me as one of their own!

While other men are slumped in a chair next to the dressing room waiting for their wife to come out, you can usually find me in the middle of the store wanting to shop till I drop. There is nothing like being caught up in the frenzy of shopping at the sale of the century and coming out with a bargain.

Just recently I found a pair of shoes that were originally $60 on sale for $8.49. Man, I could not wait to get that ten dollar bill out of my pocket! Finding a good buy makes you feel good, as though you have accomplished something more than just saving a few bucks.

The thrill of searching out good deals and celebrating them is something we need to do more of in our marriages and family life. I'm not talking about anything financial but when something awesome happens in your family and you can say, "Wow— what a great deal this is for our family!" Maybe somebody in your family apologized when no one asked them to or the kids picked up their toys without anyone nagging them. Celebrate these moments that are a win-win for all family members and make everyone feel good.

In today's world, it is getting increasingly harder to find stories of inspiration. The media is usually quick to focus on the negative of an event because that is what sells. It has become almost second nature to us to look for what went wrong in a situation as opposed to zeroing in on what went right. How many of us at the end of a day focus on what we didn't accomplish instead of what we did get done?

As parents and spouses, it is important that we set the example for our families and rejoice over the moments when people shine. Just like finding a good deal at the store makes you want to shop more, recognizing and encouraging beautiful moments in your home will make everyone want to do it more.

This idea of rewarding or acknowledging good behavior is certainly nothing new. It doesn't have to cost anything more than the time it takes to say a simple thank you or to gather the family around to applaud the effort somebody put forth to make a difference.
So today, let's all make a deal. Gather up your troops and cheer them on. The more we get into that type of routine, and that type of action in our home, the more we will win at home.
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Dan Seaborn
Dan Seaborn is the founder of Winning At Home, Inc., an organization designed to assist and encourage people of all ages and stages of family development. As a featured speaker at churches and large-scale events such as marriage conferences, corporate functions, and university assemblies, Dan Seaborn has earned recognition as a powerful and passionate communicator. Through practical illustrations and memorable real-life examples, he encourages individuals and families to lead Christ-centered homes.

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