A Dream Realized by Connor Orr, a student with Apraxia at Byron Center Christian School

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donuntComstock Park, MI, July 15, 2016, Connor Orr, who was born with apraxia, had a dream realized this morning at Marge's Donut Den in Wyoming.

Connor loves to bake cinnamon rolls. He also loves Jesus. And when his 8th grade class had a Good Samaritan Project (GPS) this spring, he combined his two loves in a very savvy way. See, the GSP required students to use one of their God-given gifts to help someone in another country.

Connor took his gift of making cinnamon rolls and advertised them for sale on Facebook. He told his story, sold the rolls and made $583! He then took that money and donated it to World Mission in order that Treasures – solar-powered audio Bibles – could be sent to people who are oral learners so that they can hear about Jesus's love. Connor's donation will touch over 2000 people. That is called maximizing gift impact!

Marge Wilson of Marge's Donut Den heard of Connor's story and welcomed him into her bakery so that he could see how they make cinnamon rolls, donuts and cakes. Connor had a hard time sleeping last night because he was extremely excited about what was happening in the morning.

But bright and early, at 6am, Connor donned a hair net and a baker's apron, and got to work! Marge showed him how they roll out the dough, add spices, cut and weigh each cinnamon roll they make so that each customer gets the best product ever. She even shared some secrets about how to make a business work and keep both staff and customers happy. She shared her time and her talents with him. She made one of his dreams come true.

World Mission, a local Christian nonprofit, began in 1994 to support projects in third-world countries. World Mission also provides clean water solutions through Zoe Waters and humanitarian aid through its 23 national partners, who are integral in helping meet needs in over 25 countries across Central and Northern Africa and much of Asia. To date, over 100,000 Treasures have gone to the unreached people of the world from World Mission. It is exciting to be part of what God is doing. www.worldmission.cc

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