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gen3235Has God Indeed Said...?

Those four words from Genesis 3 are the root cause of what is happening to the culture in America today. Many, like myself, wonder what is happening to the America we knew. We no longer recognize this nation. These feelings create doubt and even fear of today and tomorrow. To describe what is occurring is both simple and complex at the same time. It has been decades in coming and is progressing at warp speed. In simplicity, America has been repudiating the Judeo-Christian values of our founding replacing those values with postmodern leftist values that at their core deny absolute truth – in a word , SECULARISM, by either ignoring God or intentionally removing God.

America's traditional, liberal values of freedom of speech and religion, a capitalistic economy of free markets, private property rights, Constitutional government of limited and diffused government to protect the individual's God given rights against government tyranny, and the rule of law are being deconstructed with surprising success.

In a blink of an eye, America has leaped well past the progressivism of the 20th Century into the hellhole of the postmodern left, much that is radical.

The values of this post modern left are devoid of absolute truths, devoid of absolute moral standards, a deconstruction and denial of Western liberal and Judeo-Christian values, devoid of free speech including intolerance and silencing of any opposing views, devoid of religious freedom (particularly Christian), enlargement of government as the source and solution of all, devoid of God given individual liberties, a deconstruction of the traditional family, a deconstruction of the rule of law, a deconstruction of the Constitution, identity politics putting rich vs. poor and race against race, judicial activism, a deconstruction of sexual morals, and a devaluation of human life.

While the above change is plainly visible to some Americans, many others are either willfully blind or desensitized by daily incremental changes. America's postmodern left is unlike previous leftist movements such as Josef Stalin's communism that used hard power to accomplish the take over of Russia. America's leftist are stealthfully using the soft powers of ever expanding government regulations, media distortions and lies which mirrors propaganda, and public shaming of opposition to accomplish control of power.

Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein call it "nudging the American people in the right direction." The same thought was echoed by Hillary Clinton who said, "deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases need to be changed..."

The most hated target of the post modern left as with every leftist movement are Christians who do not deny God, absolute truths, nor God-given moral laws. Obama signaled what was coming when he spoke receiving applause criticizing some Americans for "holding onto their guns and religion."

Nearly every action of this first postmodern leftist, President has been to deconstruct American exceptionalism (our form of government), America's political and military power, and America's Judeo-Christian heritage. Those who pointed this out were in postmodern leftist fashion called racists, bigots, homophobes, or provincial. The homes of the current postmodern leftist are unions, the environmental and animal rights movements, the liberal elites, academia, and the Democratic party. Traces can also be founding the Republican party. But each denies the living God replacing Him with humanism- man in control without God.

The historical Christian response to leftist movements have been either to be silent, compromise, retreat or to stand against as in the example German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The leftist response to each and all is the same because all Christians are grouped together as the enemy of the left. They are hated if they hold to absolute truths and refuse to bow to the ungodly.

The above is the diagnosis of the disease. There is but one cure. It is not found in political parties nor candidates nor is it found in any human effort. The only cure is a God sent revival or awakening to a repentant and needy people that must begin with the church of Christ. Only when God's people see the blight of postmodern leftism and seek Him, only then will He rescue us. Although there is the Biblical and historical pattern for revival; there is no guarantee of that occurring. Nations have also suffered death, never to return again as it was with the Roman Empire. The fate of America lies in the will and purpose of God. Our sole response must be to be faithful to Christ with our minds, emotions, wills and possessions. We face the same challenges as Lot faced in his life; we can be a secular people joined to the world or be the sacred people of God- holy and obedient to His given Word.

I cannot depart without applying this to our current political season. Both Clinton and Trump are secular and both are flawed as we each are. But the difference is that Clinton is a radical postmodern leftists who would actively and intentionally remove God from every part of American culture. She is closer to being a Soviet Commissar than being an American patriot. I believe that Trump would at worst be neutral. He would protect our Christian heritage as much as a secularist is able to do. I believe he values much of our historic traditions. America had a chance to raise up a devout Christian in Cruz, but his defeat only further explains that we are a post Christian nation which sadly applies to many who confess to be Christ followers.
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Author: Rich Correll

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