World Mission Unveils New Location

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World Mission 1World Mission CEO Greg Kelley cuts the ribbon to an appreciative crowd.Staff and administrators at World Mission (WM) showcased its new headquarters to the public Feb. 26, 2016, but its aim to provide solar-powered audio Bibles to illiterate people living in Third World countries remains firmly intact.

WM chief executive officer Greg Kelley officially cut the ribbon inside WM's new facility at 4200 Alpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park, amid appreciative applause, which was then followed by two prayers, one said in Arabic and the second in English.

Founded in 1994, WM was formerly located in Grandville.

World Mission  2World Mission Change Your World Director Ken King holds a solar-powered audio Bible that includes and Old and New Testaments. It has a built in solar panel with rechargeable batteries."This office is better suited for us," said Ken King, WM's Change Your World Director. "We were one of many offices in a former factory."

Focus is 'The Treasure'

WM works with a network of around 20 national partners to help distribute audio Bibles — which WM calls The Treasure — in various parts of the world, such as Bangladesh, Chad, Pakistan and the Sudan, where people don't have a power source for electricity and usually do not know how to read.

The audio Bibles are portable. A unit fits in the palm of a hand. It has a built in solar panel with rechargeable batteries. It's designed to withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions, including rain forests, deserts, mountains and islands.

Making inroads

World Mission 3 World Mission is now located at 4200 Alpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park.Each year, WM increasingly makes inroads with its audio Bibles, distributing 11,286 of them in 2012; 16,579 in 2013; and 16,477 in 2014.

That equates to impacting 1.6 million people for the Gospel in 2012; more than 2.3 million in 2013 and nearly the same number in 2014.

WM also partners with Zoe Waters, which works to provide clean drinking water to drought stricken areas of equatorial Africa.

"Zoe Waters provides people with the physical food (water), which helps us to provide them with the spiritual food," King said.

WM also operates Thrift Stores that sell gently used clothes and household hard goods, Volunteer Thrift Stores and sponsors its Christian Artist Series: Your God Speaks My Language.

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