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Hopkins Rick235 Rick Hopkins and his wife Nicole Are you open to God's leading each and every day? Even in surprising, unexpected ways?

On a recent Grand Rapids morning, Rick Hopkins found himself with an unanticipated opportunity for ministry. His story reveals the blessings that can come when you act on the Spirit's prompting.

Rick made the following Facebook post after his unusual morning: "I just had one of those moments where God became very real. I went into work even earlier than normal today and got there at 6:30am. The coffee machine at work was busted. It's never been busted. So I decided to drive to Biggby near Beltline and 28th, one that I don't normally go to.

I went through the drive-thru, and as I get my coffee I drive around to the back of the building. There I see a woman walking and watch her slip and fall on the ice. No one else is around. But I see her and notice that she's not getting back up.

I decided to go see if she was OK. She's not. She's holding her wrist and wincing in pain. It also looked like she had hurt her leg. I helped her up and into my car.

I notice quickly that she doesn't speak English very well. She keeps trying to say something about T.J. Max and after a bit I decipher that she works there and needs to let them know what's happened.

I call the store for her and let the manager know what happened, and then I take her to the ER at Blodgett Hospital. The nurse there was asking her questions and the woman couldn't answer very well. So I helped get her checked in.

I asked her if she needed me to stick around or if she was ok and she said, "God bless you sir..." She was alright, so I left.

I took a deep breath: think of the slim chance of all those things happening that way!
Let's review: I decide to go into work early, the coffee machine is busted (which never happened before). I go to a coffee place I don't normally go to, and go thru the drive thru which I don't normally do. Then I drive around the back of the building where nobody else is and see this random woman fall. She kept saying "thank you sir" and all I could think was that I can't believe how God lined all that up for me to be here right at that very moment.

I don't say any of this to make me sound good... I'm trying to make God sound good. How else would you explain all the seeming randomness of the morning leading up to a very purposeful event? I was there, with perfect timing, to help somebody who needed help.

He made perfect order out of my chaotic morning. What an amazing experience..."

Many of Hopkins' Facebook friends posted reactions. Here are a few:

*God is in control in a world that is so out of control. Thank you for not just driving by or thinking "it's not my problem"....
*God was guiding through circumstances and then your heart responded to the need!! Thanks for being Jesus with skin on today!!
*Yes! That's why we are here, to be His hands and feet. We plan our steps, asking to stay in his will, but He directs our course. When we walk with Him, we will encounter opportunities to minister.
*God uses his angels on earth when they listen you listened very well and went above and beyond
*You were given the privilege of speaking Christ into a woman's life today. What a blessing!
*This story gives me God bumps.....aka goose bumps. I love how God orchestrated everything so seamlessly and perfect. My heart is full reading this. Thank you for sharing!!
*God has a plan, most of the time we don't understand...On days like this we do...
*Way to go Rick. Thanking God for your willingness to be inconvenienced and care genuinely for another. God is good.
Well, how about you? Are you open to the leading of God today in an unexpected way?

(Hopkins, 36, is an application developer at National Heritage Academies in Kentwood. He lives in Saranac and leads worship at his church, The Bridge. He has recorded several albums of original, faith-based songs; the most recent, "Where The Road Will Lead Us." He and his wife Nicole have six children).
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