Spangler Writes of the Bible’s ‘Wicked’ Women in 15th Book

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Wicked Women coverAnn Spangler and friend Jean Syswerda wrote "Women of the Bible: A One-Year Devotional Study of Women in Scripture" back in 2008. Since then Spangler has wanted to dig deeper into what Scripture says about some of those 52 women they featured.

The result of that desire is Spangler's new book "Wicked Women of the Bible" (Zondervan), which digs deep into the lives and times of 20 women from Eve to Mary Magdalene.

"I wanted to do something more in depth because I'm always looking for fresh ways for myself and others to engage with Scripture," she said. "The Bible can be intimidating, but it's also life giving and life changing."

Spangler uses the word "wicked" in the title ironically, because the Bible's women are a mixture of good and evil, like real people are. Some are truly wicked—she points to Jezebel, Delilah and Herodias—and some are wicked smart such as Abigail, wicked funny (Esther) and wicked old (Sarah).

Each chapter includes an in-depth retelling of the woman' story, a section called The Times, which offers additional background information, and a final section called The Takeaway.

This section offers questions for individual or group Bible study. Footnotes and lists of Scripture passages add even more depth.

"I'm hoping this book helps people into the Scripture in a fresh way," said Spangler. "Some people won't know the stories and others will be familiar with them, but all will think in a deeper way about Scripture."

She has her favorites, of course. Sarah in the Old Testament is much loved because she's so real, said Spangler, and because she had much faith but also shadows. Spangler loves the New Testament woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears at a banquet given in the home of a Pharisee.

"Jesus had been treated badly and could have left in a huff. But he doesn't leave and she understand why, and that's why the scene is so poignant," said Spangler.

She plans to follow this book with one on the bad men of the Bible because, she said, there are a lot more wicked men in the Bible because of the culture and the times.
"These stories of real people speak to me of the authenticity of the Bible," she said.
Spangler is quick to say that the book isn't just for women, but for men as well. "There is so much about God and how he works in every story of the Bible. These stories will benefit men and women equally."

The website offers additional information, as well as a link to a six-week study of the book through

"I love getting in and grappling with Scripture," said Spangler. "Scripture speaks to us, but speaks to us best when we're asking questions."

The Facts:

Wicked Women of the Bible
Author: Ann Spangler
Price: $15.99
Available: Area bookstores including Baker Book House, Amazon, and via the "Wicked Women of the Bible" website
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