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Son of None235The musical collective known as Son of None is celebrating delivery of its first CD, "A Monster Inside," following an official release concert in early November.

Son of None is the brainchild of Joshua E. White, a local singer-songwriter who had previously released a solo project.

White takes listeners on a transformative journey throughout the 10 songs on this collection - from the prologue hauntingly telling of "the monster (of pride) inside me" to the closing epilogue ("Some Days") which earnestly celebrates belief while acknowledging the battle with unbelief.

Using a rather sparse but interesting instrumentation package of keyboard, guitar and strings, horn and percussion, White weaves his musical pilgrimage with his searching vocals through songs such as "You Believe in Me," "The Bad Seed" and "I See It Clear."

A native of Grant, Mich., White studied music theory, composition and voice at Indiana Wesleyan University. Touches of his classical training show up throughout, including his orchestration skills (White has worked on several local film scores).

Lyrically, the clash between faith and doubt and grace and guilt is front and center.
In "Life's Beauty" (a keyboard-based ballad) the songwriter wonders since his soul can be a cold, dark place; is he even supposed to know the beauty of creation as "perception tricks the foolish and the wise?"

Vocal harmonies are a welcome touch in many of the mostly down-tempo selections. There are no upbeat rock or aggressive pop tunes, capturing the more reflective tones of the personal musical journal that "A Monster Inside" offers.

Available: at many digital music platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and CDBaby.

Artist: Son of None
Album: “A Monster Inside”
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