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    The Neverclaim235 It’s a good thing that singer-songwriter Jeremiah Carlson likes tulips.

     That’s because he and another member of the Christian alternative rock band The Neverclaim are coming to Holland to take part in the Tulip Time celebration.

     The music artists will be riding on the JQ-99 float in the Sat. May 9 Muziekparade, doing a meet & greet and unplugged music set at Lemonjellos, and joining in a Sun. May 10 worship service at a Holland area church. (see details below).

     “Yes, tulips are awesome,” said Carlson from a stop visiting family in Vancouver, Wash. “I think I’m gonna get some for my Mom.”

     The Neverclaim has visited West Michigan before. Last August they performed at the Unity Christian Music Festival in Muskegon. But they've never been to Tulip Time.

                                 DEVELOPING THE MUSIC

     Carlson said his band started as a worship group, back when he was 18 and leading worship at his church.

     "I led worship from the drums, I wasn't playing guitar yet then," he said.

     "We started getting invited to play all over the city (Vancouver, Wash.) and we finally had to come up with a name for the band," Carlson recalled of his group that was part of the Vineyard Church movement.

    The players selected the name The Neverclaim. It's meaning: never claim God's glory for your own - nor claim your life as your own, but live for the sake of others.

     That was more than 10 years ago. Negotiating the usual membership changes nearly every band has, Carlson and crew developed their original music and issued several indie albums. Among them is  "Revival" - the CD's title track is still their best known song.

     "It's one of the first songs I ever wrote for the band," Carlson said. " It's always stuck around and people want to hear it."

     The Neverclaim produced its first national, self-titled album two years ago.

                                THEIR LATEST

     Carlson said the band is readying its follow-up project for this summer.

      "It's called, 'The Joy,'" he said of the forthcoming album which already has its title song on the radio.

      It's an upbeat song that makes you want to roll down your car windows on a sunny day and just sing along," he said of the tune. "The words say that even in life's difficult realities, we have to stand on the greater Kingdom reality of peace and joy that God's given us."

     The entire album embraces a similar theme of victory and overcoming challenging circumstances. They'll be playing several of the new songs during their Holland area visit.

     Carlson, the band's chief songwriter, said their music is lyrically comparable to a church worship service.

     "There are worship songs and sermon songs - I just can't get away from that," said the singer who also been in youth and pastoral ministry.

     Carlson is coming to Holland with guitarist-keyboardist Mitch Muldonado. The other band members had conflicts for the weekend.

                                THE PERSONAL SIDE

     Carlson, 32, now lives in the Nashville area with his wife of 11 years.

     "I've actually known her since I was 15 - I fell in love with Jesus and fell in love with her," he recalled.

     The couple has two children. A third is due in August. He said his passion for music ministry is as strong as ever. "Our heart has always been for people of the local church - that's where we've come from. Our desire is to see God revive the hearts of people and for revival to spread."

     The band is not waiting long to return to the area. The Neverclaim is performing at the 4th annual "Faster Pastor" race June 5 at The Berlin Raceway in Marne.

     "That's gonna be fun, too," he smiled.   

The Neverclaim at Tulip Time in Holland:

Sat. May 9:
11:30 a.m. - meeting with fans and doing an acoustic mini-concert downtown at Lemonjellos, corner of 9th St. and College.
2 to 3:30 p.m.- on the JQ-99 float in the Muziekparade  (parade route: 8th from Columbia to Van Raalte to 24th)

Sun. May 10:

11 a.m. - perform during worship at The Potter's House Church, 960 Butternut Dr. (
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