New Music Review: Deeper by Tommee Profitt

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Local

  ProffitTommy 225You had to wonder: after local singer-songwriter and worship leader Tommee Profitt signed deal as a major record label producer/songwriter, would he have any time to complete a collection of his own music for a new release?

     But his (and fans’) patience have been rewarded with “Deeper,” a two-years-in-the-making combination of worship themes and heartfelt lyrics set very much in pop arrangements – some on a grand scale.

     Right from the top, the upbeat “Love Is My Victory” shines with pop elements, prayerful lyrics, and Profitt’s vocals reminding the listener of Michael W. Smith in CCM’s early heydays.

     And his music carries similar energy.

     The new song “Come Hideaway” also has a catchy melody accompanying its spiritual invitation.

     More reflection comes in offerings including the ballad “You Are My Rescue” and the reverent “I’m Ready Tonight” which clearly states a commitment to faith in God.

     Look for a music video for the song “Spirit Still Moves,” filmed in downtown Grand Rapids.

     Profitt, his wife and two children still live in West Michigan, with the artist at the helm of his Tommee Profitt Studios. That’s where he has worked on projects by Michigan-based artists such as “NF” (Nathan John Feurenstein) and Beacon Light. But he makes regular trips to Nashville where he’s spent studio time with Christian music stalwarts such as Britt Nicole.

    “Deeper” delves into some new territory for Profitt, who has five previous albums in his catalog. It will be interesting to see where the excitement of this musical montage will lead.

Just the Facts:

Artist: Tommee Profitt
Title: “Deeper”

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Terry DeBoer
Terry is journalist who writes for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites. His most frequented “beat” is arts and entertainment. He is married with two children and lives in Grand Rapids.

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