Lee Majors in Grand Rapids to Promote New Christian Film

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leemajors225Actor Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) along with Cybil Shepherd and Ted McGinley recently stopped by Grand Rapids on their way to Manistee to talk about a movie they were making: Do You Believe? The movieis due to be released in March 2015 and comes from Pure Flix, the same filmmakers that made the successful God’s Not Dead.

Majors stated he was the old man of the group. “I’m 57 now,” he joked, then added, “Actually, you need to invert those numbers.” The 75-year-old Majors thrilled audiences in the seventies with his portrayal of astronaut Steve Austin, who was critically injured in a test flight and became a cyborg, given replacement parts by the government including two bionic legs, a right arm, and a bionic eye which could zoom in on far away objects. “I’m not doing any more shows with the word ‘The’ in front of it,” he joked. “No more ‘The Big Valley’, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ or ‘The Fall Guy.’ I used to run my butt off. Now, I move in slow motion!”

When the entire group of actors were asked if they had ever worked together before, Majors again joked, “No, and it’s not my fault!”

When asked what appealed to him about the role, Majors said, “Well, I’m always interested in faith-based films. This particular role was more or less me. It was a good age. My wife is Cybil Shepherd (in the movie). We lost a young daughter. And we end up going to a shelter and running into a young girl who has a young daughter that is similar to our daughter, and seeing how they were in need. They were living in a car. We take them into our home. It’s kind of, not only something they need but it was something we needed to help fill up the void we had in our lives. Cybil and I have been working very well together. It’s just a wonderful script. There are also other vignettes going on with other actors. They all have their own different stories. But all of them end up good. It makes you keep the faith.”

Majors added the ensemble casting was very good. “Everybody gets along and it’s a wonderful party,” he said. When asked why he has done a lot of family programming and if it was because he enjoyed it or if the scripts appealed to him, he replied, “If you look back over my career and my series, they have been family oriented, The Big Valley, Six Mil, The Fall Guy what I mean by that is the family could sit down with all ages and watch the shows I’ve done. I’ve never done or really taken any roles that I was uncomfortable with. It’s been a worthwhile career for me. I’m in my fifty first year-- and still going!”

Interestingly, Majors talked about his various series being available on DVD and that he thinks Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is going to do a movie based on The Fall Guy. “He’s agreed to do it so that might come out in the next couple of years.” Majors is known for raising his left eye brown in certain scenes and he joked, “He’s learned to raise his left eyebrow. If you’re going to play the Six Million Dollar Man running, you have to raise your left eyebrow!”

A lot of fans of faith-based and family films are looking forward to the movie. In addition to Lee Majors, Cybil Shepherd and Ted McGinley, the film stars Mira Sorvino and Sean Astin. It is directed by Jonathan M. Gunn.

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Edwin L. Carpenter
Edwin L. Carpenter is a pastor and long-time film reviewer for Dove.org He has a bachelors degree in Writing from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mich. He was raised in Brighton, Mich., by Christian grandparents and has a twin brother, Bill, who is also an ordained minister. Ed and his wife Jackie have one child, Daniel, who is newly married to Kristen and loves sports.

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