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Jobe Kari w Cody Carnes2Kari Jobe with fiancé Cody Carnes on the Red Carpet at the Oct. 7 Dove AwardsKari Jobe is extra busy this fall.
Not only is the singer-songwriter currently on a nation-wide concert tour, but she’s also preparing for her wedding day in late November.
“Yea, I think when we’re in Grand Rapids, we’ll be about three weeks out,” said Jobe noting her Nov. 1 stop at Sunshine Community Church.
“Fortunately I think I’ve got pretty much everything done – just some last minute things with my mom, but those will be easy,” Jobe said during a phone interview from San Antonio, Tex.
It was just on Oct. 7 that the artist was at the annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards in Nashville, where she won an award for top Praise and Worship Album of the Year (“Majestic”), and performed her song “Forever.”

“That was a big honor for me,” she said of her fourth career Dove.
“Standing in front of a room of those (people) I respect, admire and worship to their music. How sweet it is to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those God is reaching through our music and calling.”
She was presented with her award by two music industry veterans – Bill Gaither and Pat Boone.

                       CHURCH AND CONCERT PLATFORMS

Jobe, 33, is also a worship pastor at the huge Gateway Church, a multi-campus church near Dallas Tex. with more than 30,000 attendees.
Even after she recorded her first solo album in 2009, Jobe has maintained her relationship with the church and taking her turns leading worship.
“There’s no tension at all – they’re so supportive and very behind what we’re doing,” she noted of her church administration. “It took a couple of years to figure out how to make it work – how many dates to be gone on tour yet still being connected at home."
It’s worth noting that there are about 20 worship pastors on the huge Gateway staff, which certainly sees colleagues taking up the slack in each other’s absence.
It was in 2004 on a Gateway Church CD that Jobe first recorded “Revelation Song.”
The inspirational ballad, written by Jennie Lee Riddle, features lyrical phrases from the book of Revelation, picturing the praises to God offered in heaven. Her early version sung with the church scored a million hits on Youtube. Despite several other artists who also have recorded the song, it has become her musical calling card and she still performs it.
“I would get things thrown at me if I didn’t sing it,” Jobe quipped.
She recorded the song on her first solo album, and again on “Majestic.”

                         JOBE’S OWN STORY

A young Kari grew up in a godly home with parents who were traveling evangelists who also did music. Her father was also a worship and youth pastor. Kari started singing at a very young age.
“We started going to a spirit-filled, charismatic-style church and I started experiencing the presence of God that you could feel and invite him to move – not just to sing songs,” she recalled of her formative experience.
“Already in my teen years I knew that my life would be about ministry and helping people connect with God.”
During her university years she was part of Christian college worship teams, honing her skills both musically and spiritually while obtaining a degree in pastoral studies.
She returned to the Dallas area and started singing at the new Gateway Church not long after it began. Jobe has watched the church grow from 250 to 30,000 worshipers.  

                    BUILDING ON A FOUNDATION

Jobe refers to her “concerts” as times of worship. Although there may be some entertainment value that attracts some fans, Jobe says there’s an underlying purpose.
“We’re in a culture in which people like things to be done well, and you see big productions wherever you go. We have some production things on this tour that help me lead worship – they’re visual things that help people engage and connect and I love to do things with excellence.
“At the end of the day if you turned out all the lights I think people would still be OK knowing God is there and welcoming him to move.”

                           COMING TO THE ALTAR

Jobe’s fiancé is Cody Carnes, a fellow Gateway Church worship pastor who also has been a member of her road band for the past five years.
“We became really good friends over the years and he started ‘pursuing’ a while ago and I was like….’Yes, my heart is right, and it happened!’”
Her tour wraps up in early November which will give Jobe some breathing time to get ready for her Nov. 21 wedding.
The bride can expect to hear from many well-wishers. Jobe has more than 1.5 million Facebook fans and more than a half million Twitter followers.
(See Jobe sing part of “Forever,” in this tour promotional video)

Just the Facts:

Kari Jobe – with special guest Warren Barfield
7 p.m. Sat. Nov. 1
Sunshine Community Church, 3300 E. Beltline NE
Tickets: $25 general admission, $20 for groups of 10 or more. $35 premium tickets, which include early admission (5 p.m.) and Q&A with Kari Jobe. All tickets higher priced at the door.
Info: Contact Premier Productions
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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