New Music Review: Run by Sanctus Real

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Music, Movies & Events

SanctusRealRunSanctus Real and lead singer Matt Hammitt are now on the road with their latest CD,  “Run.”  It’s a collection of songs that tell of hope in life’s struggles.

One of the songs, “Promises,” was inspired by words of assurance a friend shared with Hammitt before the birth of his son Bowen, who had already been diagnosed with a severe heart defect.

“Pray” is a reminder of the importance of that basic practice of faith both in sharing our concerns and thanks, and in lifting up others.

This is the Sanctus Real’s sixth studio album, and its mix of pop, rock and ballads builds on songs that have come before such the band’s huge Christian radio hit of several years ago, “Lead Me.”

The CD’s title song (“Run”) is a driving anthem urging listeners to run to the arms of ultimate love.

A hidden gem is “Sanctuary,” a worshipful song addressed directly to God expressing a longing for that place of rest and safety amidst the troubles of the world.

The band worked with three different producers in crafting their new sounds, but the players continue to deliver songs which point to greater truth.

Note: Hear Sanctus Real in concert - along with the bands Citizen Way, Everfound and The Neverclaim - at 6 p.m. Sun. Sept. 25 at The 3 Mile Project, 3050 Walkent Dr. NW, Walker. The concert is part of “Saw You at the Poll.” For ticket information visit or

Artist: Sanctus Real
Title: “Run”
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