Chonda Pierce: Humorously Speaking Her Mind

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chonda headshot 11DcT4Q- 2Please Note: The Chonda Pierce event scheduled for Saturday 3/14 has officially been postponed. Promoters are working diligently to provide a new date ASAP, please hold on to your tickets as they will be honored at the new date. If you cannot attend the new date, refunds can be obtained by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Chonda Pierce has revealed the secret to her decades-long run as one of the nation's top faith-based comedians.

"Every time I leave my house I kind of always know how I want the evening to end," she said of the approach to her stage show which treads into hilarity yet retains a relevant message. "I've always worked from the ending first. So I start writing the material and work backwards to the beginning. We've done that for 25 years."

Throughout her career Pierce has shared with audiences bits of her own life journey, which includes bouts with depression, family estrangement and the death of her husband in 2014 following his long struggle with alcoholism. Yet woven through is humorous and hope-filled encouragement.

"My story is my story, there are aspects of it that will always show up," she said.

"But on this (tour) it's the idea of bridge building – laughter is a great way to build bridges in this diverse country. How do you love a neighbor that can't stand your political views... how do you love someone through that? That's what I want to teach audiences," she added.

Pierce brings her traveling comedy platform March 14 to Fair Haven Ministries in Hudsonville (details below).


Pierce is active on a variety of artistic fronts: stand-up comedian, television hostess, author, actress and producer. But she doesn't hesitate risking controversy in sharing her opinions.


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"I get adamant and involved to work for the America I would like to see left to my grandchildren," she explained of her publically-stated political stances.

"Those of us who call ourselves Christian artists.... there comes a time when you have to say what you stand for." But with that there comes a challenge - how to navigate that with love and temperance, kindness and compassion.

She has spoken up in support of President Donald Trump on particular issues. But at other points she has voiced her disagreements.

Recently she offered a carefully-written, open letter to singer Jennifer Lopez, following the artist's controversial SuperBowl half-time show which contained what some called risqué dance and costuming choices.

(You can read the letter at

"Christians may have settled the eternal question in our lives, but we often forget the mercy that was extended to us," she said of how she framed her comments.

"But I just wanted to share some things I've learned over the years."


Pierce (she turned 60 earlier this month), has had several successful comedy videos and a number of books. But in recent years she had delved into motion pictures, nabbing several roles in feature films.

Her current project is "Roll With It" a movie which will reach screens later this year.

Pierce portrays a waitress who enters a karaoke contest to raise money to prevent foreclosure of her house.

"It's from a story that was one of the last things my husband and I worked on," she recalled. "It's got a lot of heart and is the hardest work I've ever done."

Ironically, it's a part where she doesn't play the "funny" person. "I think I really stretched my acting chops," she smiled.

She also has a role in another forthcoming film, "Selfie-Dad," starring Christian comedian (and Grand Rapids native) Michael Jr.


Despite her thousands of performances (she did a March 6 turn at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville), Pierce says she's never done the same show twice.

"Each night, the audience is different, the demographics are different... more women or older or younger," she offered. "You have to adapt to each audience and where they are coming from."

But the phone keeps ringing, so she launches yet another comedy tour.

"My health is good and people are still coming, (even) at my age... I am still very blessed and I don't take it for granted," she noted.

"I need to figure out how I'm ever gonna get out of this job."

Chonda Pierce, with special guest comedian Bone Hampton
7pm Sat. March 14
Fair Haven Ministries, 2900 Baldwin St. Hudsonville
Tickets: general admission $29; VIP/pre-show meet & greet $55 (group rates also available)
Online at

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