New Music Review: Kali Joy

Written by Terry DeBoer on . Posted in Local

Kali Joy ep cvr 2019Local singer-songwriter/worship leader Kali Joy has released a new collection of songs dealing with life's uncertainty, fear, and faith.
And one of them is a "break-up" song.

Perhaps the most striking selection in this five-song package is the ballad "Anything Like Me?" The meaning is suggested in the song's music video:

Using "flashbacks" from a child's experience, the themes of rejection and self-esteem come right to the present day prompting lyrics such as..."I've been in hiding...If you're anything like me, you need a hand to hold today."


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"Safe" is a song with similar notions. The searching, slow-tempo anthem pleads to move beyond the fear: "I never let anybody in. My walls are barricades. If I knew love was safe, (I) think I'd be there now."

Kali, an area worship leader with a music degree from Grace Bible College (now Grace University), sets her feelings to music openly and honestly. It builds on her earlier work (read our 2017 profile).

And now, the break-up song.Titled "Gotta Go" – and with more musical energy that most of her other settings - the words assert "We tried to make it work a million times...I can't keep giving what I don't have."

She explained to a reviewer, "The relationship wasn't for nothing if you learned something from it."

The group of songs ends with the promising "A New Day," and the hopeful line, "When I'm with you, the lies fall off, the darkness fades: begin again a new day."

Kali's music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

Artist: Kali Joy
Album/EP: (self-titled)

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