helpwanted2Guiding Light Mission is seeking appropriate candidates to lead and manage its development function. The ideal candidate will demonstrate multiple years of successful development in the faith NP sector. This individual will need highly developed organizational skills and be able to multi-task. The candidate must be comfortable meeting and communicating with major donors.

Highlights of the position include, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Donor Relationships
  • Event Planning
  • Planned Giving
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Board Member Relationships

Guiding Light Mission exists to create a healing experience that allows individuals to discover a new life in Christ. We expect re-engagement in community. We provide food, shelter and resources to men that support their social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs.

Interested candidates should contact Stuart Ray, Executive Director, with cover letter and resume This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Additional information about Guiding Light Mission is available at www.lifeonthestreet.org

EVENTSWest Michigan Christian web writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area’s faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month. Here are three highlights for July:

*Praise in the Park – A music ensemble from The Springs Free Methodist Church in Cedar Springs performs at 6 p.m. Sun. July 6 at the weekly “Praise in the Park” series at Garden Park in downtown Rockford. Praise-oriented music is highlighted, with different churches and area artists leading each week. There is no admission charge, bringing your own seating is encouraged. Other artists in July: Marty Miller on July 13; Perfect Shelter July 20; CrossWise July 27. (Series runs through Sept. 14). Garden Park is just off W. Bridge St. east of the dam along the Rogue River. For more information visit www.rpmoll.com/praise.

*Wintley Phipps – The inspirational-gospel singer performs at 7 p.m. Sat. July 12 at Maranatha Bible Conference, 4759 Lake Harbor Rd. Muskegon. The international performer - who is also a pastor - has sung for numerous Billy Graham crusades through the years. Phipps’ recording “The Favorite Hymns of Billy Graham,” is a selection of beloved songs hand-picked by Graham himself. He also is founder of the U.S. Dream Academy, a non-profit organization targeted to serve at-risk children and youth. No tickets are necessary for the concert, a free-will offering is received. Visit www.vacationwithpurpose.org or call 888-982-LAKE.

*Tim Zimmerman and The King’s Brass – The outstanding brass ensemble, led by director Tim Zimmerman, performs at 6 p.m. Sun. July 27 in Sandy Pines Lakeside Chapel at Sandy Pines Resort in northeast Allegan County. The group performs sacred, classical, patriotic and contemporary music and has recorded more than a dozen albums. The players include trumpeter Greg Allen, an instructor at Calvin and Aquinas colleges and a member of the Holland Symphony Orchestra. Chapel gate opens at 4 p.m. Bring your own lawn chairs. Come to the resort’s 26th St. entrance, south of 142nd Ave. (GPS location: 3630 26th St. Dorr, MI 49323) Visit www.sandypineschapel.com.

thriftOn Tuesday, June 17 at 12:00 pm the public is invited to join Guiding Light Mission and Holland Rescue Mission for a grand opening of Guiding Light Mission Upscale Thrift Store, located at 1435 60th Street SE, Kentwood, MI 49508. Along with words from Guiding Light Mission and Holland Rescue Mission, attendees will be able to tour the store, enjoy appetizers, refreshments, and giveaways.

Guiding Light Mission, in partnership with Holland Rescue Mission, created the Guiding Light Mission Upscale Thrift Store, a 7,500 square foot space. The store will hold a variety of items for sale that cater to all ages, including dishes, hardware, sporting goods and jewelry. As well, it will have new furniture and mattresses, accompanied with free delivery.

Executive Director at Guiding Light Mission, Stuart Ray, is looking forward to this collaboration and growth, stating “we are very excited for this opportunity, not only for our organization, but for those involved and impacted as well. The Guiding Light Mission Upscale Thrift Store will provide an outlet for those donors with scarce financial resources to make contributions that eventually will support the financial needs of the ministry.”

Existing to provide funding for Guiding Light Mission, the thrift store will also provide new volunteer opportunities to those interested. This low-cost opportunity is part of Guiding Light Mission’s efforts to broaden its scope of services and awareness outside of the Heartside neighborhood. If you are interested in volunteering at the Guiding Light Mission Upscale Thrift Store, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hear Stuart Ray discuss GLM's Upscale Thrift Store on Clearly Community.


GLM on Wood TV

shawn mc donaldSinger-songwriter Shawn McDonald has taken a bolder approach in his latest album.     

And one result: the title song, “We Are Brave,” became the veteran artist’s first No. 1 Christian radio hit.

Ever since his acoustic-driven break out hit “Gravity” nearly 10 years ago, the artist has occasionally surfaced with new material, mixed in with a couple of live projects.

“Brave” carries more “electronic” effects than his early work. Some of the songs were produced by David Garcia, providing a more pop-influenced sound for McDonald.

The new collection is more bright and upbeat, after the artist emerged from a period of personal trials a number of years ago. The song “End of the Day” restates his passion for wanting to leave a legacy of a faithful walk. “Firefly” (with its supportive string arrangement and sensitive vocals) is an encouraging cry to hold on during life’s difficult passages.

McDonald has a West Michigan connection. Several years ago he was part of Impact Church in Lowell where pastor Jason Holtridge served as the artist’s mentor of sorts, while going through what McDonald termed in one interview “a season of fog.”

“Hope is Right Here” is a song in which the title itself speaks to a promising outlook for the days ahead.

See him:

McDonald performs at 7:30 p.m. Sun. July 27 at Worship on the Waterfront in Waterfront Stadium, downtown Grand Haven. Free-will offering received. Visit www.worshiponthewaterfront.org or call 616-842-6600.
     (A music video for the song “We Are Brave” can be seen at www.shawnmcdonaldmusic.com).

 Lewis-CSC. S. Lewis     Master Arts Theatre, the faith-based community theater group, has announced that it’s reprising last year’s successful production “The Great Divorce.”|
     The stage adaptation of the noted C.S. Lewis fantasy novel will return June 19-22, including weekend matinees. The play had an extended run last spring with numerous sold out performances.
     “We feel this particular play has so much to say and so much life in it, that it just shouldn’t rest,” said director Pris McDonald.
     The tale poses several theological questions – and reflections – in the context of an unusual collection of characters on a metaphorical bus trip from hell to heaven.
     McDonald said a frequent comment heard after last year’s production was, “Now I understand the book!” The precise reasoning and profound notions makes the book – written by the Christian apologist/academic in the 1940s – a challenge for the casual reader. But McDonald said the stage adaptation helps audiences tackle the concept and detail.
     “Lewis has such an imagination and he couches it in the characters’ personalities and their actions so beautifully. But unless you get on his ‘bus,’ it takes awhile to figure out what’s going on,” she added.

                       UNDERSTANDING THE DIVISION

     The “divorce” actually refers to the divide between heaven and hell. Spirits from heaven appear to the travelers and try to persuade them to come along to paradise.
   But many carry “baggage” in their lives that keeps them from choosing heaven.


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Most of the actors from last year are returning for this year’s run. That includes the main character Clive (a reference to Clive Staples Lewis himself), portrayed by David Tiesma.
     George MacDonald, the 19th Century pastor and author who influenced Lewis’ own work, is played by Craig Apel. The MacDonald figure offers interpretations of the various confrontations between the other characters – a real help to the audience.
   Heaven is pictured as a bright and colorful world, while “Greytown” (where the travelers have ventured from) is drab, discouraging and often dangerous.
     Some of the allegorical notions suggest Lewis’ subsequent and much better known fantasy “Chronicles of Narnia.”
     “It’s an exciting challenge to take such a book and put it in a visual form – to help the audience understand in the representation of ideas,” noted the director.
     Last year’s opening night featured a post-play “talk back” session with special guest Peter Schakel, a Hope College professor who has written five books on Lewis. The Q & A with the audience provided further insight.
     “Some people told us afterward, ‘Now I’m going to read the book again,’” said McDonald.
     She said during the June run she hopes to schedule several more talk back opportunities.
     Tickets will not go on sale until May, but McDonald is happy to be getting the word out in advance.
     “When we did it last year it took a while for word of mouth to get out going,” said McDonald.
     “But if you missed it the first time, you can see it now. Or if you already saw it, come again and bring a friend.

If You Go:

“The Great Divorce” – a stage adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel, directed by Pris McDonald; 7:30 p.m. June 19-21; with matinees at 2 p.m. June 21 and 3 p.m. June 22; at Masters Arts Theatre, 75 77th St. SW. Tickets $13. More information at 616- 455-1101, www.masterarts.org.

glassesBeing a business owner, I often lose sight of what’s important. I memorize my presentations (so I can wow my audience), balance my books (so I don’t get in trouble), attend networking events (so I can find clients), and take continuing education courses (so I can know and implement best practices in coaching and leadership development). Yes, I lose focus, which as a business owner, means fulfilling my mission: to help my clients grow and flourish, both personally and professionally.

 I often get off track, due to “tyranny of the urgent,” as Stephen Covey says. Those urgent, immediate perceived needs (emails, messy piles of paper, the cat meowing at the door) push their way into my busy life, trying to take over.

 That, or I get off track because I’m too tired, too burned out, too discouraged, or too stuck.

 We all get off track and lose our focus at times. But we don’t have to wait until the fog clears on its own. We can take responsibility to regain the clarity and focus that will move us forward.

 Take a break.

 Perhaps you’ve lost your focus because you’re physically and mentally exhausted. Drained. Not surprisingly, most people are. We abuse our bodies and minds by trying to fill every waking minute of the day. During my workshops and presentations, when I encourage people to take more breaks, my audience simultaneously breathes a sigh of relief (because they know this to be true) and lets out a groan (because they feel guilty, as there is always more to be done, and the idea of taking a break seems a luxury ill afforded).

 However, the world will not end if you take a break. Should you pencil into your schedule an hour, a day, or even a week or two, you need time to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate.


Examine your priorities.

 Lack of focus is often caused by conflicting priorities. You want this, but you also need that. One of my clients, a business owner, desired a thriving business, but also knew that she spent too much time on growing it, much to the neglect of her marriage. So she had trouble on which big business decision to make next, because one decision would likely lead to huge profits, but little time for her husband, while the other decision was less likely to lead to financial success, but would ensure the success of her marriage. She felt stuck.

 If you want to refocus, you should identify and examine your priorities. What’s most important to you? What decisions would best align with those priorities?


Discern God’s voice.



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Are you listening? He’s speaking to you in a still, quiet voice. We have access to His focus, His clear guidance, if we will only still ourselves and discern His voice. Distractions cause us to lose focus and go astray from the path He’s laid out for us. While we can’t eliminate these distractions, we can maneuver around them and see them for what they are—obstacles meant to hinder our growth and relationship with Christ. Jesus, however, will never lead us astray but will point us in the way we should go.

 Cast a vision.

 One of the activities some of my clients do is a vision board. The board includes words, pictures, and drawings from magazines, books, or their personal photo collections that are pasted collage-style. Meant to provide inspiration and clarity, the board serves to motivate my clients to move in the direction God desires for their lives.

 Whether by creating a vision board or by simply writing down your vision for the life God has for you, regularly reflecting on it can get you unstuck and help you regain focus.

 So, folks, while we all lose focus and momentum at times, we don’t have to remain there. We can take action. By taking a much needed respite, scrutinizing our priorities, listening to the voice of God, and casting and protecting our vision, we can stay focused and on task.


Kimberly Gleason is a Grand Rapids-based personal and executive leadership coach, author, speaker, and trainer. She helps people and organizations to flourish, reach their potential, and achieve their personal, professional, and organizational goals. Her leadership development and coaching program, The Year of Leading Adventurously, and women’s life coaching program, The Year of Living Adventurously, both begin in October. Check out her free e-books, blog, resources, presentations, and programs at www.kimberlygleasoncoaching.com.

rockfordWorship Team from Grace Fellowship Church at “Praise in the Park”   Year three of the “Praise in the Park” summer series began Sunday evening June 1 at the Garden Park in downtown Rockford.
     The worship team from Grace Fellowship Church in Comstock Park took the stage leading praise songs such as “Jesus, Messiah,” and “Your Great Name.”
   They even passed around lyric sheets for those who wanted to sing along.
     It was a beautiful beginning for the weekly series, which features music from more than a dozen northern Kent County churches and several other Christian artists.
     “We’ve had more interest from churches this year who have asked to be a part of it and we expanded it to 16 weeks,” noted organizer Richard Moll of the Sunday schedule.
     The opening evening weather was perfect for the outdoor setting along the Rogue River, drawing around 150 persons seated on lawn chairs, blankets or picnic tables.
     “We have yet to have rain on any of our Sunday nights,” said Moll of their track record.

                                  MUSICAL VARIETY

     Some of the churches that led the music last year are back again in 2014, including Rockford Baptist, Bridgeway Community and Solon Center Wesleyan (see schedule below). Others such as Rockford United Methodist, Rock River Church, and Blythefield Hills Baptist have been participating since year one.
     “With the different churches there are some songs in common,” Moll said. “But between all the hymns in hymnbooks and all the newer music these days, there’s a lot to choose from.”
     There’s also are two Christian bands – Perfect Shelter and Crosswise – as well as singer-songwriter Marty Miller taking a turn in the series.
     A first time note in the line-up is on Aug. 24 when two churches (Casnovia Reformed and Chapel Hill United Methodist in Kent City) combine efforts to present the music.
|   “They’re a little farther away and I was surprised to hear of their interest,” said Moll. “But I’m excited to hear what they’ll be bringing.”
     To kick off this season, music leader Aileen Matheson and her ensemble from Grace Fellowship Church performed contemporary worship songs such as “Never Gonna Stop” and “Lord I Need You.” But the six-member worship team also turned the clock back a bit with the older ballad, “Through It All.”
     “These are songs we sing regularly at our church,” she said later. “I could see our people here from (Grace Fellowship) were singing along!”

                     ATTENTION TO DETAILS

   Moll has paid attention to the small things in planning and overseeing the event, which requires approval each year from the Rockford City Council.
     “Each group has to provide its own insurance, but that’s pretty typical,” said Moll, a retired educator.


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    He also requests that listeners do not block the White Pine Trail, frequented by walkers and bike riders. The trail runs through Garden Park next to the green space where event spectators place their lawn chairs.
     “I actually want people from the trail to hear the music and maybe decide they want to stay and listen,” Moll reasoned.
     The organizer has also worked with area food and restaurant businesses who offer discounts and specials to those in attendance. Discount coupons are available on the event website, but on opening night Moll made them available in quantity.
   Public restrooms are just a block away.
   Moll also has resisted receiving donations or passing an offering plate during Praise in the Park. “I just want people to come and enjoy the music, and not feel like...‘Oh, a collection plate is coming around.’”
     He’s asks the music artists to remind spectators to pick up their trash before they leave.

                 SOME SURPRISES ON THE WAY

     Some of the churches bring elements beyond the music.
     On opening night Grace Fellowship volunteers distributed little packets of fruit snacks stamped with the message “May the ‘Grace’ of God be with you always.”
   They also mentioned an upcoming concert at their church – the Southern gospel group Gold City on Aug. 24
     “Last year Rockford Baptist made the evening a great family outing, with snow cones, a popcorn machine and face painting for kids,” Moll recalled.
     The largest Praise in the Park audience in 2013 was when Blythefield Hills Baptist led the music.
     “We don’t have a lot of parking here, so they asked people to park at their church and brought them here in busses,” said Moll of the crowd which swelled above 500.
     Those in the Rockford Garden Park on this year’s warm and sunny opening evening seemed pleased at the experience.
     “The music is very refreshing,” said Kevin Olney of Belmont. “And on a night like tonight, it’s top notch.”

If You Go:

“Praise in the Park”

6 p.m. Sundays all summer long in Rockford Garden Park just off W. Bridge St.
(along the east side of the Rogue River by the dam in downtown Rockford)
Free admission. For more information visit

The remaining church and music artist schedule:

June 8 – Rockford Baptist
June 15 - Bella Vista
June 22 – River Rock
June 29 – Crossfire
July 6 – The Springs
July 13 – Marty Miller
July 20 – Perfect Shelter
July 27 – CrossWise
Aug. 3 – Bridgeway Community
Aug. 10 – Rockford United Methodist
Aug. 17 – Blythefield Hills Baptist
Aug. 24 – Chapel Hill United Methodist &
Casnovia Reformed
Aug. 31 – Grace Fellowship
Sept. 7 – Solon Center Wesleyan
Sept.14 – Bridgeway Community

angelLocal authors Norman and Lynn Reed will be speaking and leading a discussion about their novel on Tuesday, July 8 at 2:00 p.m. at the Gary Byker Memorial Library in Hudsonville. Their novel, “The Black Angel of the Lord,” is an intriguing fictional account of the events surrounding the death of the entire Assyrian army in II Kings 19:35.

The book explores themes of culture, politics, love, and religion between three main characters based on historical figures. The idea for the book first came to Norman while watching a program on the History Channel. The program was about some arrows found around Jerusalem dating back to the era the Assyrians would have been attacking the city. The program said the existence of the arrows was still a mystery, but Norman came up with a possible solution. “My mind was clear, I could write page after page” of material on the event Norman says.

And so the beginnings of a book were formed. Norman would write down pages of material, and Lynn would decipher and type up the chapters. Countless days were spent in the library, researching the characters and culture of the time by reading accounts from ancient historians and scribes. “The research makes the story,” the Reeds say, “the three main characters are real people, and we gave them life. The life we gave them is the life we found in history.”

“I want a million people to read the book” Norman says, and not for the money. Both Norman and Lynn want people to “expand their idea of what a miracle is.” Their book explores a possible explanation for the seemingly unexplainable death of the Assyrian army, a miracle that changed the course of history. Their explanation doesn’t negate the awe-inspiring miracle, it presents a scenario that is just as amazing. “It is so easy to just say ‘its a miracle,’ but there is so much that has to happen for that miracle to occur. And who is behind all those details? Jehovah God!” The Reeds want people to read their book and “grasp the awesomeness behind God’s miracles.”


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When asked about the rewards gained while writing the book, both Reeds agree that fulfilling a dream is top on the list. “Every human being has a dream, has something in their lives they want to do,” says Norman, “in my case it was writing a book. The drive and will to fulfill that dream only grew because I let it grow. I didn’t let it go.” Lynn adds, “don’t put your dreams away in a drawer and tuck them away. Let them live, and only then will they become a reality.”

The Reeds are excited to share their book and encourage discussion and dialog about Biblical miracles. They post blogs on their website www.normanandlynnreed.com about their research to promote discussion and give a better understanding of the world the book takes place in.

“The Black Angel of Death” can be purchased on amazon.com.

Quick Facts

What: Speaking and Discussion about “The Black Angel of Death”

When: Tuesday, July 8, at 2:00 p.m.

Where: the Gary Byker Memorial Library in Hudsonville

aloneAlone Yet Not Alone is a movie based on the true story of a German family during the French and Indian War.

After leaving their native Germany, the deeply religious family settled near Penns Creek in picturesque Central Pennsylvania. The family worked hard and crops were abundant in this fertile area, and they never forgot to thank God for His provision.

But the family’s lives were changed forever when the Delaware Indians broke into their home, killing the father, setting fire to the home and taking captive the two sisters, Barbara and Regina.

The movie follows Barbara and Regina and the atrocities they saw and suffered at the hands of their captors. After the sisters are separated, the movie mainly focuses on Barbara and her experiences living as a Delaware Indian.

Despite everything she had seen and experienced, Barbara never lost her faith in God. The words of the song her mother often sang, “Alone, Yet Never Alone” gave her strength to persevere.

We found the movie to be a refreshing story of God’s faithfulness. This story reminds us that despite how difficult our circumstances may seem, God is faithful and we are never alone.

Watch the trailer….

Read the Dove review……

keys for kidsCBH Ministries, originally known as Children’s Bible Hour, has recently changed its name to Keys for Kids Ministries. While the name and logo have changed, the ministry is still devoted to providing Christian media and resources for children, something it has done since its beginning in 1942.

The ministry’s name change came as a result of people not knowing what CBH Ministries was. “It took a lot of time and effort to explain who we are and what we do” says Kristen Gearhart of Keys for Kids Ministries. “We wanted to upgrade our name and look (i.e., logo, website), to reflect our contemporary ministry – we do more than just radio programming and we wanted our new look to reflect that.”

Keys for Kids Ministries puts out free devotionals available to order over the phone or at the ministry’s website. The devotional is also available to read on the website and on Facebook and can be heard on the radio. For tech savvy readers there is an app available in a basic or premium package that has daily devotions to read or listen to.

In addition to the daily devotions, Keys for Kids Ministries airs radio dramas like Down Gilead Lane to encourage and guide kids about their faith. The newest drama, Red Rock Mysteries, is about “a brother and sister team who are working their way through a lot of changes in their lives – their mom just became a Christian and their new stepdad is not.” All of the programs are written for kids ages 6-12, but many people outside the target age group enjoy them!

Though there have been different names, Keys for Kids Ministries has “been in ministry for 72 years reaching kids and their families for Christ – using audio, print, and radio formats.” It’s important to remember that “while we’re updating our look and our name, we’re still reaching kids for Christ in contemporary channels and technology.”

To learn more about the radio programs and resources offered by Keys for Kids Ministries, visit www.keysforkids.org.

 Sidewalk Prophets 2012Sidewalk Prophets     Worship on the Waterfront (W.O.W.) returns to Grand Haven’s Waterfront Stadium this summer starting Sunday June 22.
     The summer inspirational music series is produced by First Reformed Church in downtown Grand Haven.
     The list of artists for 2014 finds many names familiar to inspirational music fans.
     Singer-songwriters Josh Wilson and Shawn McDonald, worship leader/music artist Peter Eide and the Hark-Up Horns all are back after performing in last year’s series.
     Also, W.O.W. alumni such as Matt Maher and Buddy Greene also return (see schedule below).
     Coordinator Carolyn Manting, music director at First Reformed, says she’s looking forward to hearing this year’s slate of artists
     Maher has been to W.O.W. several times and opens the series this year June 22. The singer has written numerous songs (including “Your Grace Is Enough,” popularized by Chris Tomlin), and has had his own share of gems such as his current “Let The People Say Amen.”
     The folksy Greene (June 29) has a repertoire that delves into country, gospel and soul. He also is a regular on the popular Bill Gaither “Homecoming” videos and concerts. His specialty is the harmonica, on which he has stamped his own virtuoso style.

                       THE SLATE OF STYLES

     A newcomer this year is the roots-folk quartet The Vespers (Aug. 17) made up of two pairs siblings – the Cryar sisters and the Jones brothers. Their instrumentation includes banjo, mandolin, stand-up bass and at least half dozen others.
   The upstart ensemble, with members all still in their 20s, has already released two independent albums as they build a following across the country.
   They’re also performing June 19 at the Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, Mich.


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   Chris Hansen leads the Hark-Up Horns group back to W.O.W. on Aug. 10. The brass ensemble has some lively hymn arrangements and medleys, as well as a smattering of other music.
     The best known “band” on the schedule is Sidewalk Prophets. The pop-inspirational quintet has won several awards and has numerous Christian radio hits.
     Their signature song is the ballad “The Words I Would Say,” but their current radio hit is “Keep Making Me.”
     Sidewalk Prophets is scheduled for Sun. Aug 3 during the annual Coast Guard Festival. Potentially that’s the largest audience for the series, when the population of Grand Haven swells by several thousand with many of them gathered around the waterfront.
     Josh Wilson is a guitar and vocal talent with Christian radio hits such as “I Refuse” and “Carry Me.” He also does a rather amazing version of the hymn “Amazing Grace” that demonstrates his extensive guitar skills.

                        HISTORY ON THE WATERFRONT

     The history of W.O.W. traces back to the 1950s, when it began as an outreach of a Sunday School Class at First Reformed.
     In the early days it was called “Vacation Land Hymn Sing,” and often the organizers would place a large map at the rear of the platform marking the spots from where some of the visitors that evening had come.
     In recent decades the series has focused more on music. A local worship or church praise band opens the evening with some “congregational” singing (there are usually song sheets available) before the guest artist takes the stage.
     Still sponsored by First Reformed, W.O.W. has several corporate and individual financial sponsors as well as the weekly offering.
     On many Sunday evenings, the 2,000 or so seats in the expansive Waterfront Stadium bleachers are full. There are other chairs on the stage level in front, but many visitors bring their own lawn chairs. The music can be heard from outside the stadium, so some folks are content to just experience the event from there. (Gates open between 6:30 and 6:45 p.m).
     Peter Eide closes the series on Aug. 24. Eide has emceed the huge Unity Christian Music Festival several times, and is an excellent singer and communicator.
     There is no concert the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

                           WEATHER NOTES

     Since W.O.W. is an outdoor event, it is affected by weather.
     Last year weather forced one of the concerts indoors to a local school auditorium, but conditions may cause the event to be canceled outright. Organizers say check the official website at www.worshiponthewaterfront.org, or listen to WGHN-FM (92.1) or JQ-99 (99.3FM) for status updates.
Worship on the Waterfront (W.O.W.) – in Waterfront Stadium, Harbor Drive, downtown Grand Haven. 7:30 p.m. Sundays June 22 though Aug. 24. No tickets necessary, free-will offering will be received. Event may be canceled or re-located due to weather conditions. www.worshiponthewaterfront.org, 616-842-6600.
The Schedule:
June 22 - Matt Maher 
June 29 - Buddy Greene
July 6 – Newworldson
July 13 – Josh Wilson
July 20 - JJ Heller    
July 27 – Shawn McDonald
Aug. 3 – Sidewalk Prophets
Aug 10 – Hark-Up Horns
Aug. 17 – The Vespers
Aug. 24 – Peter Eide

EVENTSWest Michigan Christian web writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area’s faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month. Here are three highlights for June:

*Festival of the Arts – The downtown Grand Rapids event June 6-8 features performances from many area church ensembles. Among them: Frontline Community Church 5:15 p.m. Fri. on the Clock Tower Stage; Resurrection Life Church Music Team 7 p.m. Fri. Calder Stage; Bella Vista Church Praise Band 1:45 p.m. Sat. Circle Stage; Lighthouse Full Life Center Mass Choir 6:15 p.m. Sat. Calder Stage; Kentwood Community Church 2:45 p.m. Sun. Calder Stage; 5:15 p.m. Sun. Bethel Pentecostal, Calder Stage. Also concerts by several other faith-based music groups, such as Jubal Brass, 3:45 p.m. Fri. on Circle Stage. Details and complete schedule at www.festivalgr.org.

*Gospel Music Jamboree – Various area gospel groups perform from 2 to 8:30 p.m. Sat. June 14 at The Gospel Music Barn at Chapel in the Pines, 6881 64th Ave. Hudsonville. Among those on the schedule beginning at 2 p.m. - Sentimental Journey, The Fleegers, Art Bartlett, Martha Vugteveen, and Bruce Santure & the Little Box Trio. Several artists, including pianist Wendell Babcock, will also perform in a “duets” segment at 6:25 p.m. Free-will offering/donations are received. Food available between 4 and 7 p.m. For more information visit www.gospelmusicbarn.org or director of music Doug Zwyghuizen 616-669-3059.

*“Ladies Days”- Hear Bible teacher/speaker Elisa Morgan and worship/music with Lindsay Huggins in a “mini-conference” from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tues.-Fri. June 17-20 (identical program each day) at Gull Lake Ministries, 1988 Midlake Dr. in Hickory Corners. The theme is “The Beauty of Broken.” Tickets are $25 which includes program and lunch. Group discounts available, as is childcare for days of June 19 and 20 (must pre-register). A special and more intimate time with the speakers in a “Girls Night Out” session is at 5:30 p.m. June 19. Price $15. Call 800-350-2442 or visit www.gulllake.org.

instepThroughout American history, many revivals have been started by groups of people praying together as they walked through the streets of their city. As they walked, they would ask God to intervene and work in the lives of the people living in the homes, or working in the businesses they passed.

Recently on a beautiful spring evening, a group of twelve men and women from a local Northeast Side church met in Ah-Nab-Awen Park in Grand Rapids to take a walk together. They took a walk to pray for the City of Grand Rapids.

The Grand Rapids walk took the prayers past local businesses, historical points, a college campus, churches, parks, and an abortion clinic. The group often stopped to pray and thank God for his faithfulness and grace. They prayed for the businesses they passed and the people that worked in them. They also had the opportunity to pray with, and for, some of the people they met while at Rosa Parks Circle.

The small group of prayer walkers felt thankful to practice their faith on the city streets. After the event they felt emboldened in the process and have plans to do this on a regular monthly basis.

What would happen if every one of the 700 local churches in Grand Rapids would do the same? What would happen to West Michigan if every church took to the streets and prayed for their neighbors and the businesses and schools near them? What would happen if we, as Christians, opened the doors of our churches to hit the streets and pray?

Do you or your church have an interesting prayer event you could share with the rest of us? Email or message us with what you are doing.

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