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timTim Bauer recently spoke with me for West Michigan Christian News regarding an event he has planned for August this year. He shared his background and what led up to his plan to bring foreign missions to Michigan.

“My wife, Shelley, and I have been serving the Lord for many years now. We are in our mid 50’s and have five children ranging in age from 11 to 30. By the way, our youngest daughter is from China. Shelley was delivered from a Mormon background. I was born and raised in the church, but didn’t surrender my life to Christ until February, 1984. Soon afterward, He began to burden me with the need for repentance within the church in America. When we were younger we almost went with Life Action Ministries, a revival ministry based in Niles, Michigan. The Lord closed that door after a 3 year period and then led us to Cedar Springs where we now reside.”

“Our calling is very non-traditional. In the early 90’s we were led out of the institutional church into a home church setting. The Lord has revealed many insights to us as to why He is moving some out. It’s not to become another denomination, but rather in preparation for the judgment that will soon come upon us, as well as the rest of the world.”

“He has given me many revelations regarding the end of this age. I have written multiple Bible studies and articles on this, including four books. In fact, I am just about to release a new book entitled 911: God’s Last Offer to the Church. (I have set up a Facebook page for the book: “911 Tim Bauer” where you can watch an e-book introduction video to hear what is on my heart.)

“God gave me an urgent message for the church to prepare ourselves for what we are about to go through. For the last couple of years I have been writing what has now turned into a set of books regarding the rising of the sons of God at the end of this age. While writing this the Lord gave me His 911 message. I knew I wasn’t to wait to get this part out. We also have a website, www.capstone-ministries.com that we are in the process of building, all in preparation of what we believe is about to be launched by the Lord.

“Ten years ago Shelley had a stroke that almost claimed her life. Through a series of miraculous events her life was spared. It was right after this time that the Lord called me to leave my job as a tool designer. He then began to share His heart with me concerning the condition of His Bride, the Church. He revealed to me that, like my wife Shelley, though His Bride in our nation appears to be almost dead in most places, He was going to resurrect her through some very difficult circumstances she was about to experience. We have been entrusted with a ’trumpet-like’ ministry, believing that the power of God that resurrected my bride will raise up Christ’s chosen Bride at the end of this age. We are a ’finishing’ ministry, called to help prepare the Bride of Christ for His return.”

Tim stated they have involved themselves with The Chinese Student Immersion Program.

“Through a friend, we were introduced to a Chinese lady who worked for a school in Beijing, China. She attends Kendall School of Art here in Grand Rapids. Their school, Luhe International School, was looking to build a prep-school in our area for their students that would be going to American universities. She told us that her principal was coming to the area for a visit. This is when the warfare began in earnest.

“Shelley works for the Cedar Springs school system as a parent educator. This also involves working with the pregnant teens in our area. She told our Chinese friend that she would arrange a tour through our schools and then have them over to our house for dinner. The intensity of the devil to keep them from coming caused us to wonder why he was so concerned. We discerned the Lord had something in mind through their coming – something the enemy was VERY concerned about. In short, we were attacked every step of the way.

“In the fall of 2012 they came to our school. We thought as long as they were coming we might as well offer them a tour of Pine Ridge Bible Camp which is right around the corner from our house. The presence of the Lord was SO strong that day. One of the ladies that had come to interpret secretly informed us that she was a Christian! I kept wondering to myself what it was the Lord was putting together.

“After my wife made a typical American Thanksgiving meal for them, they left our home with hugs and we praised the name of the Lord for what He had just accomplished. We weren’t sure what was next but knew it wasn’t over that day. A year later, in the fall of 2013, they came back for another visit to Pine Ridge Bible Camp. Kevin Grifhorst, the director of the camp, called to let us know of their visit and what they discussed. He said they wanted to send their students to the camp for a week this summer. Shelley and I had been involved with short term summer programs for foreign students in the past. It was the Lord’s training for what is about to take place. Oh the wisdom of our God!

“We began to meet with Kevin, discussing how to handle all this. We’re not connected with any big organization on earth. But as we’ve discovered, our connection with the Kingdom of God is all we need. We serve the CEO of the universe. Through prayer the Lord began to unfold His plan to us, leading us to those who would bring what we needed to accomplish His call. We have connected with I.S.E. (International Student Exchange) which is an organization that brings exchange students to the United States to live with American host families. They will be handling all our legal issues such as the proper forms, including background checks of all families that will be hosting the students.

“The Chinese want their students to be immersed in English to help them learn our language and culture. We will be teaching them an ESL (English as a Second Language) course that is going to be biblically based. Our text book is an English/Chinese Bible. It will be incorporated with an interactive 12-session overview of the Bible for youth entitled Echo the Story. Our teachers have used it in other countries as well as America. The Lord had laid them on my heart as this was forming. When I approached Randy Badge, a local Christian that taught in the Tri-County Schools for years, as well as in youth groups, he became very excited.

“Luhe was a little hesitant at first regarding the use of the Bible as a text book, but they believe Christianity is a cultural thing in America that their students need to become familiar with. In fact when they went back to China the first time, they decided it might be a good thing to introduce a new Bible study class in their school! But wait, there’s more…

“I wanted to find out more about this school so I did a little research. I about fell off my chair when I read about their history. Luhe international School was originally founded by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in 1867 as a missionary school when Tongzhou Boys' Boarding School was opened. By 1889, it had developed into an advanced academy called North China College that included a primary school, a middle school, a high school, a college and a seminary. In 1918, the university part of the school was moved to west Beijing and later became Yenching University, while the secondary school that remained was named Luhe High School. Their roots are Christian! I believe the Lord is mercifully taking them back to their roots. A missionary school, a seminary… are you kidding me. It’s very obvious this door was kicked open by the Lord and NO man will shut it. Hallelujah!

“What we are envisioning is the integration of American students with the Chinese students at Pine Ridge Bible Camp, and within the host families, all in an evangelistic effort for the souls of 80 Chinese students from the age of 13 to 18, and their five adult Chinese chaperones. Jesus is bringing people from the other side of the world to our back yard in order to share the gospel with them. We’re asking youth groups to get involved with this as a foreign missions trip, right here in America. Pine Ridge has room for about 60 American students that week. It won’t cost much for a week at camp. We will have an orientation meeting at the Bible camp with the American students before the Chinese students arrive, along with the host families, in order to help prepare them for this unbelievable opportunity.

“It is my STRONG conviction that Jesus is returning soon. Even if we only have one opportunity with this school, we plan to do it with all our hearts for the glory of Jesus Christ. We would like nothing better than, while learning to speak English more fluently, they have an encounter with the living God and we have a few lines of those getting baptized in Pine Lake before they go back to China. Who knows, there might just be a couple of American kids in line as well. Either way, our goal is unashamedly to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. We need people to commit to prayer for this.

“The program is from Friday, August 1 thru Sunday, August 24. The Lord has need of host families in our area. All the activities center around Cedar Springs. I have attached our calendar of events. The students will be with their host families the first and third weeks. The second week they will be at Pine Ridge Bible Camp the entire week which will be a unique experience for the Chinese. The students will need to be brought to the Cedar Springs Middle School three times the first week and two times the third week for ESL classes and field trips. A farewell picnic at Pine Ridge is planned for the end of the third week. By this time there should be some great stories to share.

“My new book 911: God’s Last Offer to the Church will be released soon. It is a wakeup call for the church to prepare their hearts before the imminent return of Jesus. It is our last call to get ready. Many in the church have become slack in their commitment to Christ. If they do not repent they will find themselves on the outside where the foolish virgins will be gathered. I have an urgent plea from the throne of Almighty God for His people. There will not be another window of opportunity, ever. The back of my book says,

These pages contain an urgent warning for the Christian church. This book tells you, the reader, how to prepare your heart so as not to be engulfed by the judgment we are about to experience. The majority of God’s people are presently unprepared, particularly in America.


We must fully immerse ourselves in Jesus Christ lest we be given over, like Judas, to the devil. The hand of the betrayer in the Christian church, who is now sitting at the table of the Lord, will soon be exposed and cast out into the outer darkness of sheer terror. On the other hand, His faithful servants will be granted authority and will be empowered to finish His work on earth.


On which side are you?”

Author Information
Edwin L. Carpenter
Edwin L. Carpenter is a pastor and long-time film reviewer for Dove.org He has a bachelors degree in Writing from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mich. He was raised in Brighton, Mich., by Christian grandparents and has a twin brother, Bill, who is also an ordained minister. Ed and his wife Jackie have one child, Daniel, who is newly married to Kristen and loves sports.

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