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Featured Articles

Turning Pointe’s ‘The Promise’ Moving Example of Dance Bringing Beauty to a Broken World

Turning Pointe cutline No. 1 Sarah Morin (in foreground) is among 60 dancers are a recent rehearsal of Turning Pointe’s Christmas favorite, “The Promise.”Unlike many teens whose faces are found buried in their smartphones, dance students Hannah Beath and Sarah Morin willingly dedicate their spare time to mastering the cabriole, pirouette and other dance moves.

They are quick to say their dancing serves a higher purpose, which will be self evident when they are their young colleagues perform a Christmas favorite titled, "The Promise."

Object lessons brighten Christmas for Kids and Adults

Christmas Object Lessons235Christmas can easily become all about gifts and decorating and great food, but thanks to a new book even the simplest Christmas object can open the door for learning.

"Christmas Object Lessons" offers 45 Scripture-based lessons that help children (and adults) keep Jesus at the center of the season. From bells to cookie cutters, holly to ornaments, from snowmen to wrapping paper, author Verna Kokmeyer offers a short story, Scripture verse, discussion question, prayer and simple activity to add depth and meaning to these classic objects.

"I love that object lessons can make complex, theological concepts simple and easy to understand," said Kokmeyer. "Then, when you see that object later you remember that lesson."

Kokmeyer is no stranger to object lessons. She's been writing books full of them for two decades. She's written object lesson books for toys, animals and sports, with "Object Talks from Sports Kids Love" recently republished by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas ($9.95). LPC also publishes "Christmas Object Lessons" ($9.95), which is available locally at Baker Book House, 2768 E. Paris Ave. SE.

Crossroad Bible Institute’s New Director Avows Love for Prisons’ Marginalized

Crossroad Bible Institute 1235Lisa Blystra: “CBI is really demonstrating God’s love and sharing the truth of His Word.”Earlier this year, Lisa D. Blystra assumed the leadership helm at the Kentwood-based Crossroad Bible Institute because of the ministry's ability to point prison inmates and ex-offenders to a better future through its Bible correspondence courses thanks in part to its worldwide partnerships with churches and affiliates.

"My love for marginalized people and my passion to have churches reach out and realizing what Crossroad Bible Institute is doing so well are the reasons I sought this position," said Blystra, who in September was unanimously tapped by CBI's board of directors to serve as the nonprofit prison ministry's executive director.

Terry’s Picks: December 2015

EVENTSWest Michigan Christian web writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area's faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month. Here are three highlights for December:

*Open Eyes Christmas Concert – A good dose of holiday hip-hop, with dance, DJs and spoken word featuring Beacon Light (aka Brandon Clahassey) and other area artists starts at 7 p.m. Fri. Dec. 11 at The Edge, 735 Ritzema Ct. SW, Grand Rapids. The Edge is a hip-hop church where Beacon Light is a worship leader. "Open Eyes" is the title of his forthcoming album. Other performers include Steven Malcolm, Mark Evans, Edify and Michael Nobody, all centering on a Christmas theme. Tickets range from $5 to $11.54. For more information visit online.

Holiday Concerts Have Contemporary Tradition

Wells Bob235Bob WellsSome old and some new Christmas performances dot the West Michigan calendar in early December.

Musical director Chris Hansen says the annual "Hark Up" Christmas presentation is subtitled a "Symphonic Celebration of Hope."

"We have 35 string players with us, including the (Hudsonville) Unity Christian Orchestra," he said of the student ensemble directed by Sara Jager. Other guests include violinist Susan Mora of the GR Symphony, cellist John Smith and violist Brysien Beer.

The "Hark Up" production features hundreds of singers, dancers, instrumentalists and multi-media in an original show called "Sing A New Song," and is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Dec. 4 and 5 and 3 p.m. Dec. 6 in DeVos Center for Arts and Worship at Grand Rapids Christian High School.

New Christmas Music Preview

Christmas Goes Gosp vol 2 hier rez CD coverFollowing up last year's successful multi-artist collection, here comes "Gospel Goes Christmas Vol. 2," with songs of the holiday from an almost entirely different roster of top gospel artists.

A welcome addition is Marvin Sapp, a Grand Rapids pastor (Lighthouse Full Life Center Church) as well as a national recording and performing artist.

His song for the collection, "Holy," is taken from his Christmas album of two years ago, "Christmas Card."

Signs of Significance

billboard235Digital billboards are making their way into the world. Although old-fashioned billboards still dominate most major highways and thoroughfares, digital billboards can be seen locally along Interstate 196 near Holland and on U.S. 131 in Grand Rapids. They are very colorful and bright, but depending on what time you drive by, you may see a different ad than someone else. Your exposure to a certain advertisement can be hit or miss.

Ken Thompson Treks for Treasures

treasure235The Treasure Ken Thompson, of the First Reformed Church of Grandville, is about to begin a "Trek for Treasures", to help out World Mission, based in Grandville. This fund-raising effort will allow World Mission to get "Treasures", solar-powered audio Bibles, into remote parts of the world, including the 10/40 window. The Treasures are available in up to 4,500 languages. The solar panel on the unit allows the sun's rays or a light bulb to energize the player to play the gospel. One unit can reach as many as 144 people and many groups meet to listen to the Treasure. They are utilized by pastors in churches in these areas where so many of the people are oral learners.

Forgotten Man’s ‘God Pods’ Engenders Real Change in Inmates

Forgotten Man Ministry 235 No. 1 A chaplain with Forgotten Man Ministries teaches biblical principles at a “God Pod.”Real change. A new attitude. Embracing the Gospel's "raw message."

The descriptions rapidly roll off the tongues of the inmates incarcerated at the Kent County Correctional Facility who've immersed themselves in the Forgotten Man Ministries' Biblical Life Principles Pods (BLPP), or "God Pods," as the inmates are known to call them.

Whichever term is used, the goals flow in the same direction: Showing men and women deep change is possible if they give the Lord a chance to operate in their lives, inside and out.

Musical Variety Highlights Thanksgiving Week

Joy Tiff235Gospel music fans from urban/contemporary to Southern have options during the Thanksgiving holiday week in West Michigan churches.

Gospel singer Tiff Joy takes the platform at 6:30 p.m. Tues. Nov. 24 at Revolution Christian Ministries, 5301 28th St. Ct. SE. No tickets are necessary.

Tiffany Joy McGhee (Tiff Joy is her stage name) burst onto the gospel music scene two years ago as the songwriter and soloist on "Amazing," a radio hit for Ricky Dillard & the New G's. The celebrated tune was nominated for both Grammy and Dove Awards and won a 2015 Stellar Award as Song of the Year.

An Attitude of Gratitude

thanksgiving3I just can't imagine living one day without a sense of gratitude about something or someone. Every where we look amazing things are happening. Every day is a miracle! If we are honest with ourselves and what we see and experience, the Lord has surrounded us with enough people and things that it is natural to be filled with some level of gratitude every day. Without this sense of gratitude toward something or someone life becomes dull, meaningless and we end up just going through the motions.

Music Impacts Both Audience and Artist

Battistelli F. performing235Singer-songwriter Francesca Battistelli says her greatest reward in life is the spiritual impact of her inspirational songs.

“Anytime I meet someone who has been touched by a song or whose story intersects with the music, it’s a great reminder,” said the artist of the goal of her music ministry. “That doesn’t get old because it’s why we do what we do – to see lives change,” she added.

Battistelli is currently on a concert tour with fellow artist Matthew West which comes to Zeeland Sat. November 21. 

Next Step of WM Dedicated Helping Those Who’ve Had Doors Slammed Shut

Next Step of West Michigan cutline No. 1 Michael Moore is blessed and amazed with what Next Step has done for him.Drugs and alcohol are the twin rudders that steered Michael Moore to encounter a run-in with the law and find himself behind bars. With a criminal record, finding a job that paid the bills and a landlord willing to rent to him were personal hurdles he couldn’t clear on his own.

“When I was in the streets, I didn’t care,” said the soft spoke Moore, 25, who now lives in a refurbished home and plans to marry his fiancé. “When I went to church, it was overwhelming because they always talked about judgment.

New Music Review

Son of None235The musical collective known as Son of None is celebrating delivery of its first CD, "A Monster Inside," following an official release concert in early November.

Son of None is the brainchild of Joshua E. White, a local singer-songwriter who had previously released a solo project.

White takes listeners on a transformative journey throughout the 10 songs on this collection - from the prologue hauntingly telling of "the monster (of pride) inside me" to the closing epilogue ("Some Days") which earnestly celebrates belief while acknowledging the battle with unbelief.

The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church

ee235In January of 1956 my parents were at an evening church service when the pastor announcedEcuador. The missionaries and their families were part of Operation Acua, a mission to reach a savage tribe of indigenous people. The killings later became the subject of a feature article in Life magazine. That article did much to bring attention to missions and to advance the cause of overseas missions. Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of the young men that was killed, emerged as one of the more high profile members of the group. Through the Gates of Splendor, a book written by Elisabeth Elliot, gave a detailed account of the work the group did. It came out in 1957 and over time became one of the most important Christian books ever written.  Elisabeth would go on to write many more books, including Shadow of the Almighty, a biography on the life of her husband Jim.

Tomlin Enthuses, Inspires Van Andel Audience

Tomlin hands235It probably was a surprise to most of the assembled crowd. Singer-songwriter-worship leader Chris Tomlin led more than 7,000 gathered in Van Andel Arena in a recitation of Psalm 100.

The willing audience at his Nov. 7 concert was able to read the verses aloud from the giant arena screens, completing a great introduction to Tomlin’s song “Psalm 100.”

There was no sermon or even an extended meditation during the artist’s 15-song, 89 minute presentation. But the scripture in his lyrics provided a warm and hopeful message amidst the worshipful themes.

Best Selling List November

Kregel Parable Bestsellers – November, 2015

1. Come Rain or Come Shine – Jan Karon
2. Photograph – Beverly Lewis
3. Two Steps Forward – Sharon Brown
4. War Room – Chris Fabry
5. AD 33 – Ted Dekker
6. Sea Keepers Daughter – Lisa Wingate
7. When Love Returns – Kim Vogel Sawyer
8. On This Foundation – Lynn Austin
9. AD 30 – Ted Dekker
10. Ties That Bind – Kim Vogel Sawyer

Memoir Asserts We’re All Orphans in Some Way Who Can Turn to Heavenly Father

Lorilee Craker 235Lorilee Craker’s new book abounds with humor, lightness and depth.Author Lorilee Craker's latest book makes an assertion that may jar some readers, while others will nod their heads in wholehearted agreement: All of us in one way or another are orphans.

Craker's book, "Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me: What My Favorite Book Taught Me About Grace, Belonging & the Orphan In Us All" (Tyndale House Publishers Inc.), weaves the literal sense of the word "orphan" with the fallout that's let loose when rejection and desertion strikes our emotional and spiritual core.

Terry’s Picks: November 2015

EVENTSWest Michigan Christian News writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area's faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month.

Here are three highlights for November:

For Tomlin, “It’s All About the Songs”

tomlin2235Singer-songwriter-worship leader Chris Tomlin is still doing something he calls "chasing the songs around."

It comes from his early days as a relatively unknown singer in his native Texas. As his songs caught on and started being sung in various churches, he would be invited to come and lead congregations in worship. Thus he started "chasing" his songs.

CLC Network Nurtures Inclusive Communities Far and Wide

CLC Network235Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski became executive director of CLC Network in September of this year. She previously served in fundraising, visitor and membership services at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.There was a time when it was considered a radical idea for churches and schools to open wide their arms to people with disabilities. Credit ministries like the CLC Network for helping to nurture the conviction people with physical and mental impairments also possess gifts important to schools and churches far and wide.

Since 1979, the Wyoming-based consulting organization, also known as the Christian Learning Center, has come alongside Christian and Catholic Schools and churches to show them how to nurture inclusive communities.

Author: Vital to Sow Power of Love, Forgiveness in Egypt

Brother Nathan cutline235When it comes to forgiving the unforgiveable, Brother Nathan
walks the talk.
He was six years old when on a sweltering Friday afternoon in the tiny village of Karya Maghola, Egypt, two men wearing checkered headdresses and dark robes baptized him, his father and two church elders in a hail of bullets. In an instant, Brother Nathan's his life was plunged into a tailspin of grief and rage.

"I was crying when the ambulance came and took my father far away from our home," Brother Nathan said recently during a book signing of his new release, Love Casts Out Fear: A Jihad Survivor's Journey From Revenge To Redemption" co-written by David Culross (BakerBooks).

A Visit Along Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue NOrth Mike Donehey235Mike Donehey (center) and Tenth Avenue North Lead singer Mike Donehey, 34, of the inspirational pop-rock band Tenth Avenue North had a recent chat with West Michigan Christian News writer Terry DeBoer. Subjects included a bit of theology, some music and a surprising West Michigan connection. Here’s part of their conversation:

Terry: Your concert tour is coming to West Michigan on Oct. 25 (details below), and it’s based on your latest album, ‘Cathedrals.’ Tell me about the response so far to the new songs and the tour.

Embracing Differences…Again

danseabornA few years ago a man jumped into the air from 24 miles above the earth in a death-defying plunge from a hot air balloon. He's the first person to reach supersonic speed without traveling in a jet or a spacecraft. He ascended 128,000 feet in a capsule which was attached to an ultra-thin hot air balloon. His descent lasted over nine minutes and his top speed was 833 miles per hour. And he lived to talk about it!

Kregels's Best Seller's List: September


1. Photograph – Beverly Lewis
2. War Room – Chris Fabry
3. Two Steps Forward – Sharon Brown
4. Cup of Dust – Susie Finkbeiner
5. Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis
6. Come Rain or Come Shine – Jan Karon
7. On this Foundation – Lynn Austin
8. Sensible Shoes – Sharon Brown
9. Streams of Mercy – Lauraine Snelling
10. Love Everlasting – Tracie Peterson

With New Awards, Music Artists Head To West Michigan

Daigle l w 3 doves235Top new artist Lauren Daigle with her three Dove Awards following ceremonies in Nashville.The Gospel Music Association crowned its flock of annual Dove Award winners Tuesday (10/13) in Nashville. And West Michigan will be seeing several of the honored artists swoop in for concerts over the coming months.

There were 41 categories of all styles of Christian/gospel music recognized at the ceremonies, co-hosted by Erica Campbell and Sadie Robertson. The festivities will air at 10 p.m. Sunday Oct. 18 on the TBN network (WTLJ-TV channel 54 in West Michigan).

Tommee Profitt’s New Season

Profitt Tommee at a concert 235earlier this yearTommee Profitt at a concert earlier this yearTommee Profitt made sure that a questioning reporter understood: this will not be his "final ever" concert.

"I would die if I ever had to completely give this up 100 percent," said the singer-songwriter-producer-worship leader.

"It's just our final publicly promoted concert as the Tommee Profitt Band," he said of his Fri. Oct. 16 performance (details below).

Talk the Talk

danseabornEventually the time will come. The time when a parent and an adult child will need to have the talk. No, not that talk. That discussion should have happened around middle school age. This is the talk about a parent's financial situation as it relates to retirement and any future medical care.

Credo Communications Marks 10-Year Anniversary With Eye to the Future

Credo Communications235Credo Communications President Tim Beals is a sought-after conference speaker as well.Tim Beals launched his company, Credo Communications LLC, 10 years ago because he believed there was need to bring Christian authors' words to life. It's a mission that continues to burn bright this very day.

A decade later, the Christian book publishing world continues to undergo changes, but this much remains clear to Beals: readers possess an ongoing hunger to move them from where they are to where they can belong in their walk with Christ.

Kuyper College President an Art Prize Finalist

Rolling Down - Kroeze 2015235A sculpture bearing a Bible verse is one of the top 20 vote-getters in Art Prize 2015. "Rolling Down," a 24 foot tall wooden waterfall quoting Amos 5:24 is one of five finalists in the competition's three-dimensional category.

It was created by the "Kroeze Krew" which consists of Kuyper College president Nick Kroeze, his sons Nicholas and Nathan, and son-in-law Chet Glass.

Art Prize officials Sunday (10/4) announced the leaders after the first round of public voting in four art categories in which 377, 302 votes were cast. Round two voting continues until Thursday night Oct. 8. Winners will be revealed in ceremonies on Friday evening, with the winning entry's artist(s) receiving $200,000 (details on how to vote online.

Celebration Marking Grand Rapids Pastor’s New Role As Bishop

ms235Newly consecrated Bishop Marvin Sapp (r.) is flanked by his daughters Mikalia and Madisson as he receives the right hand of fellowship at ceremonies last July.Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids is inviting West Michigan to celebrate the consecration of its pastor Marvin Sapp to the role of Bishop in Global United Fellowship (GUF).

The October 9 gala at the Amway Grand Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids includes a reception and dinner, music from gospel star Karen Clark Sheard and guest speaker Bishop J. Delano Ellis of GUF, a group of Christian ministries which includes the Lighthouse church.

Formal ceremonies marking Sapp's new role were held in July at the organization's annual meeting in Jacksonville, Fla. "That was a grand affair with all of the litanies that go along with consecrating a bishop," said Sapp, 47.

Potter’s House Purchases Building Where it all Began 3 Decades Ago

ph235Potter’s House Roosevelt Church cutline No. 1: Potter’s House Superintendent John Booy stands in front of Roosevelt CRC with some of the school’s students.The Potter’s House has recently purchased the building where the interdenominational, multi-ethic Christian school got its start more than three decades ago.

Potter’s House Superintendent John Booy said the school closed the sale on the former Roosevelt Park Community Christian Reformed Church, located at 811 Chicago Dr. SW, in Wyoming, on Aug. 31 for $375,000. He does not expect the school to be in debt long-term. At press time, donors have all but paid $7,200 on the purchase price, Booy said.

The building was constructed in 1950 when it was then known as Grandville Avenue Christian Reformed Church and was renamed Roosevelt Park Community CRC in 1994.

New Music Review: Rick Hopkins

Hopkins WTRbetter 235cvrWest Michigan singer-songwriter and worship leader Rick Hopkins has a new six-song, vocal & acoustic solo project titled “Where the Road Will Lead Us.”

With his latest effort the artist has determinedly built upon the foundation of his earlier albums.
The overall theme of the new release is faith-inspired community and service.

The opening “Hold My Hand” sets the stage with its combination of Hopkins’ warm vocals and pleasing guitar. The message urges holding on to faith for the long haul as we follow amazing grace to the place “where the road will lead us.”

Quentin Schultze to speak, sign at Baker Book House

QSchultze235Quentin Schultze has spent his career teaching, studying and writing about communication in all its forms. He knows what works and what doesn't, and now shares that knowledge in his new book.

"An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication: Building Great Relationships with Faith, Skill, and Virtue in the Age of Social Media" was released earlier this month by Grand Rapids-based Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Schultze will speak about and sign copies of the book at 7 pm Thursday, Oct. 1, at Baker Book House.

"This book is going to help you be a wise, good and effective communicator amidst all of the messaging noise from texts, Facebook, email, Pinterest, Instagram and all the others," said Schultze. "It will help you navigate through all of if it."

Terry’s Picks: October

EVENTSWest Michigan Christian News writer Terry DeBoer surveys the landscape for the area's faith-based arts and entertainment events over the coming month. Here are three highlights for October:

This Year’s ArtPrize is Fount of Inspiration, Testament to Faith

Paradise LostParadise LostArtPrize 2015 has more than 1,500 works of art on display at 160-plus venues across three square miles of Grand Rapids.

Since Rick DeVos founded it in 2009 in what he bills as a radically open, independently organized international art competition, ArtPrize has inspired a number of artists to create drawings, painting and sculptures with subtle and overt Christian themes.

This year is no exception.

Grand Rapids Church Joins In On “Art Prize”

Joel Schoon-Tanis LifeOne of three panels of Joel Schoon-Tanis work “Life: New Life: Full Life”Andrew Norden is in on the ground floor of his church’s first foray into the world of Art Prize. Crossroads Bible Church, 800 Scribner Ave NW just north of downtown Grand Rapids, is an official venue for the seventh annual community art competition which awards hundreds of thousands of dollars to winning artists.

“It’s a lot of work – we anticipated that,” said Norden, who is part of a church team led by community life pastor Brad Klaver. “Being our first time (as part of Art Prize) new things have popped up but we’re finding our way through it quite well, I think,” he added. Art Prize officially opens Wed. Sept. 23 and runs through Oct. 11.

Spreading “Flavor” to Africa: Local Woman Shows Heart For Mission

Sarah S. on the road235Sarah StacilauskasWhen God called Sarah Stacilauskas to Africa, he told her he would show her something she was looking for.

"He took me down this long road (in Uganda) to a school for orphans that was supported by widows," she recalled of her trip last May.

And now the determined Byron Center native - age 35 and a widow herself – has launched Project 616: an effort to help connect with and support the rural African school with nearly 200 needy, orphaned students.

Part of that campaign is a Sept. 19 concert/benefit auction titled "WHOA! – Widows Helping Orphans in Africa" featuring several area Christian music artists (see details below).

Master Arts Theater Names New Director

masterarts4The Board of Master Arts Theater is pleased to announce that we have appointed Tim Van Bruggen as the new Executive Director, effective November 9, 2015. Priscilla McDonald will continue in her role as Artistic Director, but Tim will assume many of the responsibilities formerly handled by her, including organizational leadership and implementation of the Strategic Plan.

After careful consideration and numerous interviews of a dozen candidates, each with unique qualifications, and after much prayer and reflection, we selected Tim Van Bruggen as the one best suited to take up the particular administrative and leadership responsibilities as Executive Director.

‘Sensible Shoes’ author to talk about, sign second novel

SharonBrown235Sharon Garlough Brown, author of the bestselling "Sensible Shoes," will be at Baker Book House on September 24 to talk about her newest novel, "Two Steps Forward: A Story of Persevering in Hope."

This sequel continues the stories of Hannah, Meg, Mara and Charissa, the characters who embarked on spiritual journeys in "Sensible Shoes." Each one faced her own struggles in life, and each one grew and changed, with their stories continuing into the new novel.

"The desire to write was a way to process what was going on in my world," said Brown, who is co-pastor with her husband Jack at Redeemer Covenant Church in Dutton. "The dream went dormant for a long time, until I finally that the sense that it was the right time."

Training Event to Focus on Worship Volunteers

Rozier Andi live shot235Andi Rozier of Vertical Church Band is a presenter at The Worship CollectiveFrom his perspective as a musician and worship leader, Jordan Koller knows the importance of volunteers in assisting a body of believers in worship.

And in an effort to better equip volunteers with teaching and training, the worship arts pastor at Ridge Point Church in Holland has helped create an event titled "The Worship Collective."

The sessions of workshops and music labs is set for Sat. Oct. 3 at Ridge Point, 340 140th Ave. Holland (see details below).

City on a Hill mission grows with purchase of neighboring building

COH medical building cutline No. 1The 6,000-square foot former medical center is across the street from where City on a Hill is located.City on a Hill executive director Gary Ellens said the Zeeland-based ministry has purchased a former medical building for a "significantly less" cost that will enable it to offer additional space to the community nonprofits it refers to as its ministry partners.

"Realistically we're maxed out," Ellens said of the 100,000-square foot building that formerly was Zeeland Community Hospital located at 100 Pine Street. COH purchased the building in 2006.

Pauls’ Moms’ Cookies Finds Tasty Way to Support Degage’s Open Door Women’s Center

Degage Pauls Moms Cookies Cutline No. 1(l to r) Kristie Newkirk, Calvin College intern Meghan Bogema and Karen Petchaucr work together selling cookies at the Rockford Farmers Market. On Saturday mornings, Kristie Newkirk and Karen Petchaucr stand underneath a canopy along with Calvin College intern Meghan Bogema at the Rockford Farmers Market selling what is arguably some of the tastiest homemade cookies in West Michigan.

If you're calorie-counting, these hefty cookies are not for you. But if you don't mind indulging your taste buds, you will not regret munching on cookies with hard-to-resist flavors that include peanut butter chocolate ganache, salted caramel chocolate chunk, lemon dream (in the summer) and oatmeal berry (in the fall), molasses ginger and mint meltaways. The cookies are sold four to a package for $6. For June and July alone that translates into selling $5,000 worth of cookies.
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