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Is the Border Crisis an Act of God’s Judgment?
07/13/2014 | Kenneth L. Carozza
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Must a lifeguard drown to prove compassion? Or would we call her wise if she kept her distance by extending a pole to save a thrashing swimmer? Evangelical believers desire to show Good Samaritan love [ ... ]

An Investment for the Future
06/08/2014 | Dan Seaborn
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A family I know loves to play basketball together. They call it “family basketball” and they play in the driveway of their home. It’s a mom and dad and two boys. They love to whoop it up—shoot [ ... ]

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A Look Behind the Leader: Marie Elzinga of Pathway Community Church, Byron Center
07/20/2014 | Terry DeBoer
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Marie Elzinga, music coordinator at Pathway Church, doesn’t have to go far to report to the church pastor.
Steve Elzinga, Pathway’s lead pastor, is also her husband.
“We communicate about what [ ... ]

A Look Behind The Leader: Jordan Koller of Ridgepoint Community Church
06/28/2014 | Terry DeBoer
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     Jordan Koller spends much of his time planning and executing Ridge Point Community Church’s “weekend experience.”     “That’s what we call our worship [ ... ]

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25 Great Questions to Ask Your Loved One
08/18/2013 | Kimberly Gleason
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The food was sumptuous, the atmosphere eclectic, the music vibrant. The conversation? A bit dull. After dealing with kids and work all day, who wants to talk about kids and work? On a date night? Ther [ ... ]

Mom’s Big Four
05/05/2013 | Dan Seaborn
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When I was growing up, at times it seemed like my mom was a broken record. She was always repeating herself. “Danny, clean your room,” she’d say, or “How’s your homework coming, Danny?” T [ ... ]

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New Music Review : Old Man Worship Band
07/13/2014 | Terry DeBoer
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The old men are back with a new collection of songs - the Old Man Worship Band, that is.     This trio of long-time West Michigan friends and music artists has released “Grace a [ ... ]

New Music Review: NeedToBreathe
05/17/2014 | Terry DeBoer
article thumbnail

The faith-fueled rock band NeedToBreathe has added to its catalog a new set of songs which come from a time of transition for the band members.      The group – anchored by bro [ ... ]

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Kregel's New Releases and Best Sellers
07/21/2014 | Admin
article thumbnail

August Releases Fiction: Amish Blacksmith - Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner Healing Quilt - Wanda Brunstetter Legend of Sheba - Tosca Lee Home to Chicory Lane - Deborah Raney Thief of Glor [ ... ]

Christians in Business: Buist Electric Celebrates 50 Years of God’s Faithfulness
07/20/2014 | Amelia Rhodes
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Larry Buist, Steve Longstreet, and Brent BrinksIn 1964, brothers Larry Buist and Roger Buist were laid off from their jobs with an electrical contractor. The brothers decided to form Buist Electric, a [ ... ]

Persecuted is a Timely Faith-based Film that Deserves Recognition
07/19/2014 | Edwin L. Carpenter
article thumbnail

Are we losing our religious freedoms in this country? Are Christians being pressured to keep silent when laws they biblically disagree with are being passed? This is the subject matter of the new movi [ ... ]

Tim Bauer Bringing Foreign Missions to America
07/13/2014 | Edwin L. Carpenter
article thumbnail

Tim Bauer recently spoke with me for West Michigan Christian News regarding an event he has planned for August this year. He shared his background and what led up to his plan to bring foreign missions [ ... ]

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